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That’s What She Said: Get Silly With It

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That's What She Said Amy Poehler


For #TWSS Courtney and I pick our quotes out waaay in advance. The two of us have a calendar full of quotes, and it just so happens that the week we have the humorous Amy Poehler inspiring us I finally check out Yes Please. Yes Please has been quite popular at my library, it was pure luck that Yes Please was finally available, I had to check it out.

When I read these words on page 21:

Looking silly can be very powerful.

I had to nod in agreement, because I honestly do find some truth in that. But when I read on…

People are their most beautiful when they are laughing, crying, dancing, playing, telling the truth and being chased in a fun way.

This made me shake my head in agreement as to say, “Yes, girl.” These fun vulnerable moments when you let your guard down, where you ease up, and free yourself they are powerful. Sometimes vulnerability attracts us to one another. Right? Wait I have a TEDTalk for that:


I live for laughs…

Laughter is SEXY! When a person can make you laugh isn’t it great? But you know what else floats my boat…. making people laugh. My whole life I have heard “you’re funny” my parents on occasion may have put me on display to entertain family and guests. There was one time where I took it too far…. I started reciting Andrew Dice Clay’s standup act. (NO BUENO) Do you remember him, Andrew Dice Clay? I also remembered some of Eddie Murphy’s act you know where he wore the colorful leather suits, but after the Clay incident I knew better, I did not act that one out. (Bigger question here, why did I even know their standup acts?)


YEARS later oh say 1999-ish I was working at a market research survey company. (Yes, I called people’s homes to ask them to rate shiz.) Sounds like a boring job, right? So what did this girl do to pass the time, I called people’s homes using my “voices” and also made friends with just about anyone they stuck in the cubicle next to me for that shift. I am NOT a braggart, and I know no matter how I type this out it may seem as though I am, but I promise I am not: people enjoyed sitting next to me at work. They knew I would do my voices and of course they would get a laugh. I loved it more. 🙂

Our cubicles were always random, so chances were you didn’t sit next to the person you may have sat next to the day before, but sometimes you did.  One day I sat next to a lady who made my day and her words just kind of stuck with me, she said

Why are you in Texas, you need to be on TV!

A few short years later I moved to Second City

I’ll admit moving to Chicago excited me. A piece of me thought here is my big break. I remember walking the streets of Chicago ready for my story to unfold: Small Town Texas Girl Gets Plucked Off the Streets of Chicago. Because of course people would see me walk down the street and naturally think, “GREAT SCOTT that girl has talent.” I guess people in Chicago are not that perceptive after all, because that didn’t happen instead 9/11 happened and I left Chicago like a squall heading straight to da’burbs.

Chicago Suburbs

I’m a ‘burbs girl.

Living so close to Second City use to bother me, because in my 21 year old mind I belonged there mixin’ it up with comedians working behind the scenes or maybe even writing for a small Chicago magazine. We can all dream, right? My husband has always said I should try out to be a comedian or even write some comedy pieces, he has even offered up himself for sacrifice. 🙂 But honestly I really do not believe I’m that funny. Witty? Yes, with a dab 😉 of smart ass.

Me at three

Laughter fuels me! I LAUGH EVERYDAY. Having three kids is like having your own built in variety show. Somehow, my three kiddos have figured out that laughter IS powerful and they use it against us! It’s almost like their GetOfJailFreeCard, sometimes. My husband, the love of my life, the man who makes me snort like a pig with laughter wins me over with his silliness. There is power in looking silly and being silly. There’s power in being so sure of who you are that you don’t care if you are making an ass out of yourself to make others laugh. I like that power 🙂

And you?

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#TWSS Mother Teresa: If you judge people you have not time to love them.

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26 thoughts on “That’s What She Said: Get Silly With It”

  1. I am drawn to people who love to laugh and aren’t afraid of it. Laughter is great therapy and in many of my counseling sessions my clients and I will end up laughing. Life is not meant to be taken all seriously and I think God does have a sense of humor – otherwise, why would we have comedians. Love this and so wish I could meet you in person and laugh together.

    1. Yes, cheers to the people who love to laugh and aren’t afraid of it. Can we get more people in the world like them. 🙂
      Laughter IS medicine, I am quite sure I’ve written that here before. I love that you make your clients laugh, you’re a healer for sure. I went to counseling a few times and walked away crying or being angry. :-/
      I wish I could meet you in person too! The beach offer is always open and there will be laughs!! 🙂

  2. I love humor and making people laugh. If you have a sense of humor you can make it through anything! Didn’t you say your kids were going to an Improv class? You should join one yourself! Years ago, in college, I took some Theater class. It wasn’t about acting it was more of like studying the different types. Anyway, we got to take an Improv class at Chicago City Limits (in NYC) and it was so awesome!! Oh and I totally remember Andrew Dice Clay!!

    1. Oh I agree a sense of humor can help you get through a mountain of things AND it’s nice to have someone to make you laugh while you’re hiking those mountains. 🙂
      Yes, both my girls are dramatic- we’re not going to let them waste that! 😀 I haven’t found them a class just yet. I may have to get in on the action, but I’m not as adventurous as I once use to be. 🙁
      I bet you had a blast in your class! I wish I would have taken a class like that.
      Whew! I was afraid I was dating myself too far back with Andrew Dice Clay and everyone would be like,”WHO”.

  3. I loved this post because I learned something new about you!!! Who knew of your big dreams to be a comedian? Not me, my friend, not me. I love that I didn’t know that about you. And I love that our link up let me learn something new about you! And guess what, you are funny. I am constantly laughing when we talk and text. It’s not too late my friend, join an improv group! PS: I do not know who Andrew Dice Clay is, I am off to Google him now.

    1. 😀 I’m not sure I would say big dreams to be a comedian, maybe an entertainer. My husband swears I should be a comedian, I don’t know about that. I’m just a smart ass girl living in a smart ass world. 🙂

      Our chats are always fun! I love ’em. You make me laugh too, girlie! We’re a rather fun pair.
      Plus you are privy to after dark Dean or after a few drinks Dean. 😀 😀 😀 I love when we have those “silly” chats.
      Love ya!
      P.S. Thanks for making me feel old again. P.P.S I’m sorry I just introduced to more foulmouthery. P.P.P.S I take that back #SorryNotSorry! 🙂

    1. Thank you!!! That is such a wonderful compliment, I will hold it in my heart.
      SILLY ROCKS! (((Fist Bump)))

  4. Not a braggart at all! It’s great you’re a people person and can make people feel at ease with humor and laughter. My sister is one of those people. Laughter really is a cure-all. I’m trying to laugh more with my kids and husband!

    1. Aww thanks, Lisa. I am totally a people person, I’m usually shy at first (in group settings), but once I get warmed YIKES. I totally agree laughter is a cure-all, I need some laughter to take away this nagging cough. :-/
      Cheers to laughter and family!

  5. Is that you in the last picture? So stinking adorable!!!! I’m always the one who makes people laugh, too. I think I actually use it as a defense mechanism. If I’m uncomfortable in situation I crack a joke. I don’t handle sadness very well and I prefer to see people happy. The sweetest sound in the world is a full belly laugh from my kids. I hope you have a wonderful weekend! xoxo

    1. Yes, that’s yours truly! 🙂
      I agree laughter can be such a wonderful defense mechanism, I’m great for laughing my way out of darkness, sadness, and anxiousness.
      I love a good belly laugh!! I made sure when the kiddos were babies I recorded that laugh, my little guy still has it, it’s the best.
      Wishing you a beautiful week!

  6. I obviously NEED to read Poehler’s book. I loved Mindy Kaling’s and I’ve heard “Girl Boss” is great, too, not to mention Tina Fey’s book… Ahh, so many books, not enough time ;P Thanks for sharing that TEDTalk, too! And OMG Andrew Dice Clay lolol I was just thinking of his nursery rhymes the other day…I can imagine you getting in so much trouble *sigh* XD It’s so cool that you thought of a fun way to pass the time at work and then moved to Chicago?! I bet you and your family are hilarious…if you can’t be on TV maybe you can be on YouTube, right? Is that a pic of you in the workout outfit? Adorable. Thanks for sharing!!

    1. Amy’s book reminds me of a blog or a very random journal. 🙂 There are some funny parts and some WTH parts. 😀 Mindy Kaling’s book is the May book for Page Turners, you should join the discussion. I totally agree SO MANY BOOKS SO LITTLE TIME.

      I hope you get a chance to watch that TEDTalk, it’s good. I can get lost in TEDTalks. That’s what I was reciting Andrew Dice Clay nursery rhymes. 🙁 😀
      We’re a pretty crazy bunch, my family and I.
      I’ve done a few Vlogs nothing funny though.
      And why yes, that’s me. 😉
      Thanks for visiting and commenting, love.
      Wishing you a beautiful week!!

  7. Thanks for sharing your story! I envy funny people because I don’t consider myself particularly funny in a typical way (though at least, I make my husband and friends laugh in my own way lol). And you’re right—having kids is seriously a show in itself. Just today, I had to keep pulling my phone out to take a video of their shenanigans!

    1. I think everyone is funny in their own way. You are probably hilarious, it’s the funny people who say they are not funny. 🙂 Well, at least that is what I have seen. When you tell people they are funny and they say aww shucks no I’m not- yes, yes, you are. 🙂

      Isn’t it the best to have live entertainment daily. Definitely a parent perk 🙂

    1. Bahaha! Are you talking about my aerobics instructor picture? 🙂 I feel like since I shared mine it’s only fair that you share yours.

  8. Sam and I laugh over the stupidest things sometimes, but laughing together is magical. And I adore Eve’s reaction when she does something that makes me laugh. She gets this crinkly-eyed wide smile on her face that shows off her two tiny teeth.
    I hope we get to meet in person for reals, I could see having so much fun hanging out with you. And I want to hear our voices!

    1. YES!!!! Laughing together is magical. Baby laughs are the best!! My husband and I still get a kick out of hearing our babies laugh.
      I hope we get to meet in person too!!! I know we would have such a fun time. I’m still up in the air about BlogHer because I know it will not be a cheap visit. However, I know I would come back feeling like a rich woman if I get to meet my friends stuck in the computer 🙂

  9. I actually watched a video today that my friend told me was “the best ab workout of her life.” I nearly cried from laughing! It was wonderful. Add that with a walk in the woods and healthy food and I feel great. (no chocolate bunnies for me yet today)
    I had a boyfriend who wanted to be a stand up comedian. I swear he would have been SO good, but he never mustered the nerve to do an amateur night!
    Maybe he still will.

    1. Did you get that chocolate bunny after all? Surprisingly, there were NO chocolate bunnies here this year.
      I hope you friend does chase that dream, it’s never too late.

  10. Hey lady,

    As always, you put a great post together and a great link up. I love Amy Poeher and her quote is right on. Acting silly is one of my best qualities ;).

    I get the snorts too when the hubs is making me laugh. He’s always saying or doing something funny. Our kids say we act like high school teens. I tell them that’s the kind of love you want to find…one that keeps you laughing and loving life because of him or her.

    Great post hun! Hope you’re having a great week!

    1. I agree that’s the best kind of love- I wish everyone had it! If only we could pass laughter, love, and healthy relationships around like cooties.
      Thank you for your kind words, Corina!!

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