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TWSS Quote Take A Lover That Looks At You Like Maybe You Are Magic

Once upon a time there lived a girl who was filled with love and laughter.  The little girl would turn pain and sadness into jokes and laughter.  She had this special ability to make the saddest person crack a smile.  She was a witty one.  Her wittiness and magician-like quality to make others smile and laugh came from her own place of wanting to smile and laugh. {It takes one, to know one.}

But why was she sad?  Well, I have touched on this before, but I guess I will share once more.  The girl’s family did show love and they did have fun, but there were times when things were not fun. There were times when anger would pull up a seat.  The little girl never invited anger, it just showed up unannounced. Stupid anger.

The girl was not fascinated with fairy tales, but she did read a few, and loved what she read.  She would wonder why her parents did not seem anything like the books or the TV shows.  Sometimes she would imagine her parents being more like that.  And sometimes they would show her glimpses or blocks of what seemed like a happy love, a love somewhat like the parents on TV.

Sadly, those times did not always last and the girl would stay back holding her mom. She would put on her magician’s cape and work her magic joking away tears.  Time passed and things did not change well, they did, but not for the better. She would do things for her mom, she felt her mom deserved: special unexpected visits at her job with her favorite candy, a hug just because, and lunch dates just to name a few.

Don’t get me wrong the girl adored her father, she was a self proclaimed “daddy’s girl” she would try to talk to him and she would beg him to stay.

The back and forth between her parents made her think perhaps there was not such a thing as magic.  And for that reason she held her heart tight. She even broke a few. She built walls. She still smiled, loved, and laughed. She held on to her special magical power of turning frowns upside down.

She let her heart go once, and it proved to be fragile, or in other words the guy proved to be a grade a a-hole.  Once more she boarded up her heart and locked it away.

Then she met him, the Heart Stealer.  The Heart Stealer was very unexpected.  He was charming, handsome, he had the best dimple ever, and he was kind, he just seemed too good to be true.  She did not trust him. She grew walls and sound proofed them because she did not want to hear what her heart had to say.  Stupid heart.  Stupid love. Stupid heart stealer.

The Heart Stealer opened doors, gave her flowers, he brought her soup when she was sick, and he even gave her his heart.  However, her fear of being crushed would not allow her to accept his love or what she perceived as game.  She went her own way.  Sadly, so did he.

The heart stealer did it! She had shackled up her love, and  he was still there in her mind, he must have knocked down a few walls while she was sleeping one day.  He, the Heart Stealer, came back and told her in the most sincere and “magical” way, I love you.  She loved him too.

He would love her like she had never seen love in her whole life.  She would wake up pinching herself, and then it happened, she let it hit her- yes, perhaps there is magic! The magic is the way they love each other and the way he looks at her and they way she will always look at him. He is my magic.

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20 thoughts on “That’s What She Said: Like Magic. #Linkup”

  1. I love the way you wrote this post, you have such a talent with words. I’m so happy that you found someone that made you feel so magical after what you went through growing up. It’s funny how we don’t even realize the walls we can put up to protect ourselves. Beautiful story!

    1. Oh Karen, that means the world to me coming from you, such an avid reader of words. Thank YOU!
      I am so very thankful for my “magic”, I am thankful he did not let me quit, his persistence paid off. I am such a romantic now. Yes, there still is pessimism stored away, but I always hold on to the thought LOVE WINS.

  2. Oh my goodness I am sitting at the car dealership getting the car recall done and holding back the smile and big tears. This is so sad and yet so beautiful at the same time. I love that guy in the other post for being your heart stealer!!!!!!!!

    It only takes one, and he did it….. That is a real man!


    1. Gotta love a public display of endurance. 🙂
      I love that guy too, he has been such a positive in my life. I’m holding on tight 😉

    1. Thank you, Ashley. I agree, we all need a really good Heart Stealer in our lives. 🙂
      Cheers to happily ever after!

  3. Hugs! I wondered if you were writing about yourself, then realized you were when I saw Karen’s comment! I am so glad you found your “magic” And what a perfect prompt for this month! Your post is making me smile and cry!

    🙂 I woke up this morning remembering this linkup and am so stoked to go write my post now.

    Thank you! Have a lovely day…and wishing you lots of love!

    1. I will take the hugs, thank you!
      I’m SO thankful for my magic, he has restored my faith in love over and over again.
      The prompt is great, right? Next week’s prompt is pretty good too. I already have my wheels spinning.

      I’m glad you remembered, and I cannot wait to see what you share!!!!
      Sending love right back at you!

  4. you have such a way with words. You would be great at writing your own novel, have you ever thought about it?!
    Sounds like you and your SO have a wonderful relationship filled with love and happiness. It’s a shame that the past can put so much of a dent in things!! Bless your heart!!

    1. Thank you! I’m not sure if I am novel-writing-savvy, but I have considered writing a children’s book. 🙂
      I’m thankful for our relationship, my past gave me a blueprint of things not to do, I live by that.
      I want to keep making this relationship last with smiles, love, and tons of laughter.

    1. When I read your post on Friday and saw heart-taker, I giggled. I love that we have a similar outlook on our hubbies. 🙂

      Thanks, Tamara!!! You have quite the “magical” way with words m’dear!
      Yes, he is my magic all day, every day.

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