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That’s What She Said: Three Is Not a Crowd

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    Your Hosts             Hosts TWSS Thank You Heart   Thanks for sharing your inspiring posts with us last week! 😉   Nancy Thayer Quote| That's What She Said Link-up| Women's Words| Quotes by women I have always felt like the universe has had a way of tapping me on the shoulder and introducing me to what’s around.  There Are Signs Everywhere       

Perhaps, it’s my Mexicanish upbringing, but I’m always looking for signs/messages ( whether they be good or bad). I grew up avoiding the evil eye (ojo), brujas, and el cucuy. But I also looked for the good, sometimes it took something to hit me over the head, but I did. When I would share some of my Mexicanisms with my husband I could feel his “Really, Babe”. However he would entertain me. I think he has finally agreed that there are signs.

I’m Not Great With Math BUT I Love Numbers Numbers have served as a sign, my “serendipity”- número tres. (Random Side Note: I have always loved the word serendipity, I think it would be a cute name. Yes or nah?) It’s weird math was never my strong suite but I have always seen the math in numbers looking for a way to connect things. My ATM codes, birth dates, anniversaries, special dates, have always made me want to divide, multiply, and look for a common ground. (I promise I’m not some kooky number chasing star gazer with special candles and a crystal ball who turns to a Magic 8 Ball for answers, ummm that’s what Siri is for.) I have looked in my own life and found that the number three has held great importance in my life.  Three is Not a Crowd, Three is My Everything


    • I was married on the 3rd


  • Totally not on purpose, but each house we have lived in the number 3 was/is in our address.



  • We have even lived on the third house on the street



  • I have 3 siblings



  • My girls’ birth dates are both multiples of 3’s





  • My birthday is on the 30th 😉  (The month is also a multiple of 3)



  • There are 3 hearts in my header to represent the significance of the number 3



I could keep going, but I’ll stop. What are your thoughts, do you believe there are signs? Has the universe spoke to you?  

© 2015, Dean @Mrs. AOK, A Work In Progress. All rights reserved.

23 thoughts on “That’s What She Said: Three Is Not a Crowd”

  1. I love this!!! I am always on the look out for signs and messages; little reminders. I did not know the significance to the number 3 in your life but I love all that it represents and all the ways it has found its way into your life. Amazing. I also love Fools Rush in; one of my favorites! XO

    1. It’s funny after I posted this I found a random marquee 3 at Home Goods, I thought how random… I should’ve bought it. 🙂
      I love love love that movie!

  2. Whether I’m religious or not, I definitely believe there is someone/something speaking to us that is greater than us. I see it mostly in the lessons I learn around me, from observing others to observing my children.

    1. I love that word. I love what it stands for, I love how it looks when you write it, I love how it’s touched my life.

  3. Wow, the number 3 for you! For me, it’s four. Did you ever see the movie Serendipity?
    I’m all about signs, but I swear I hear them through music. I call it The Radio Gods. When you really need a sign or to hear something, and you turn on the radio to the PERFECT song! It happens so much, it can’t possibly be coincidence.

    1. I have not seen the movie, I just Googled it.
      I totally believe in the RADIO GODS!! Moby saved me from an ugly relationship before. #TrueStory.

  4. I do believe in signs and that coincidences are really meant to happen for a reason. I’ve seen it with people I’ve met and situations that I’ve been in. You know like when you run into the same person a bunch of times? It reminds me of this book I read in high school – The Celestine Prophecy. That is so interesting with the number 3 in your life!

  5. I do love the word serendipity (as well at it’s meaning). It’s really cool to know the meaning behind the 3 little hearts in your header and that 3 is a special number for you! I haven’t really thought about numbers with special meaning in my life. The one thing, though, in regards to numbers that was cool is that Sam and I started dating on 1/23 and got engaged on 12/3 🙂 Other than that I’ve got nothing, unfortunately.

    1. I think that’s something, you may find that those numbers do pop up more in your life; you’d be surprised. Maybe it’s just me seeking, but I see 3’s… they’re everywhere. 🙂

  6. So that’s what the little hears represent. I think that’s awesome. I want to get a tattoo of hearts to represent the hubs and kids but not sure where to put it. 🙂

    I was raised a Catholic girl and my grandmother’s family strongly believed in signs and dreams. So yes ma’am I do believe in signs. I always see the numbers 777. Once this car jumped in front of me and right when I started to get angry I saw the license plate had 777…I went from angry to happy in seconds :).

    Thank you for sharing this quote! I pinned and sharing! Hope you’re having a great week!


    1. Ohhhh!! If you get that tattoo I wanna see 🙂 My husband and I have matching suns; his is on his back and mine is on the back of my neck.

      That’s interesting 777! I love that it!
      Thanks for sharing!!!

  7. I don’t have a particular number, but I do geeky things like make a wish when the clock says 4:44 or something like that. Or 12:34. Or 1:43 haha. My Mexican mother-in-law has some strange but cool traditions like tying a red rope around trees and plants so that they’re protected from whatever bad omens are out there 🙂

    1. Or 11:11 🙂 I started doing that a couple years ago. I haven’t heard about the red rope on trees, but I know there are some interesting Mexican traditions, Spanish too. My maternal grandmother is Spanish and she had her “traditions”. 🙂

  8. I kinda like the name Serendipity. It’s happy.

    I believe in signs, but I also have an inner skeptic. I like the idea that life presents us with signs to help us know we’re on the right path and to guide us. It at least makes life seem more magical to view it that way.

    1. Right? I imagine if one named their child Serendipity it would be hard to get too upset with them. There would always be a reminder that their child is *their* serendipity.

      I house that same inner skeptic. 😉 Perhaps, my skepticism is the reason I hold on to these signs or my need for them.

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