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Thank You Notes

Thank You Notes: Nutella and Love

Thank You Notes |A weekly linkup to share your Thank You Notes| Linkup| Thankful| Mrs. AOK, A Work In Progress

 Thank you, Jimmy!!

Thank You, Jimmy!

Jimmy’s Thank You Notes:

Oh Jimmy, thanks for the laughs.

So, last week I was kind of having a blah week, I’m happy to report this week was much better. All of you, my sweet friends, helped lift me…

Thank YOU, for all your sweet comments last week! You’re kind words seriously warmed my heart.


Thank you, South Carolina, for this beautiful weather. South Carolina, is not my forever home, sometimes I complain about this place, but this week/weekend made me thankful for what I have here. (We spent the weekend and week at the beach, pool and al fresco dinning. You have to enjoy the good weather before it becomes hellish hot and humid.)

My babies in the pool

Thank you, Nutella. Do I have to say anything more?

You're not Nutella, you cannot make everyone happy.

Thank you, babe, for late night chats & crazy kettle bell workouts. I love us!

TWSS Quote Take A Lover That Looks At You Like Maybe You Are Magic

Thank you, #TWSS friends, for linking up such inspirational posts this week!

TWSS Thank You Heart

Thank you, Friday! Another week closer to seeing my Mama!! I cannot wait to see my mom and get all touristy with her. I also cannot wait to go out with my stud muffin, which my other man is not too happy about.

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21 thoughts on “Thank You Notes: Nutella and Love”

  1. Good Morning Friend, I adore that quote “Take a lover ….” Great find! Hope this weekend brings you smiles, sunshine, laughter and love in all sorts of ways! Have a great one.

    1. Happy Friday, Michelle! I love that quote, it inspired a whole post about the love of my life.
      Wishing you a lovely weekend too!!

  2. I have to thank a mom friend for watching Eve yesterday afternoon so I could get in some much-needed work time (and found some inspiration too, yay!) I’m glad you had a better week, I did too! 🙂 Our weather was a bit hot for comfort especially considering our AC broke as soon as we moved in (and I should say it’s pretty unusual for people to have central air here even though it gets really hot and humid in the summer, so I’m thankful the repair person is coming today to look at it!)

    1. I’m glad you had some time to get things done. Cheers to inspiration, the book? Jewelry? Either way I know it has to be gooood. 🙂 I’m such a spoiled brat, I’m so use to central air that I’m not sure I could live without. I know, shallow buckets.

  3. I saw a recipe for Nutella stuffed COOKIES on Pinterest this week and it made me think of you. I can’t imagine that’s ever bad..
    The weather here has been awesome too!

    1. Nutella is sooooooo good. I have cut back on purchasing it, BUT last week called for it 🙂
      I love PB too, especially with bananas.

  4. Frida Kahlo is on the brain this week and yes, that quote is brilliant. This has been a breakthrough week for my love and I… the other morning he gave me a verbal thank you note I really needed to hear…. and yet he didn’t even make my thank you note list! 🙂 It has been one of those overflowing weeks!

    I’m thankful for this link up. Loved writing mine and look forward to doing more.

  5. Haha these are so funny. I had rough week this and last week. Keep trying to focus on the positive at my job but man some days…the beach sounds oh so fun!

    Allie of ALLIE NYC

  6. Isn’t the weather just beautiful! I’ve been waiting all year for these 80-90 degree days and I absolutely love them. I’m a total summer girl and love everything about it. There’s just so much more you can do! 🙂

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