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That’s What She Said: Victoria Erickson #linkup

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That's What She Said: Victoria Erickson |Quote|Women's Quotes|Linkup|That's What She Said

This was a tough quote for me, and then I thought of Her, she is my muse.

There’s this lady I know, she’s a giver, a lover, and a forgiver.  Her life has been a roller coaster, she’s had her ups, but she’s also had her downs… yet she keeps on, always wearing a smile upon her beautiful face.

She could have stayed mad at him, she could’ve done many things to make sure her kids hated him, but instead she told them, love him, he needs it, and you do too.

Her tears were rivers flowing with her hurt, it seemed as though she could drown mountains with her pain. A woman so shattered could be such a ghastly situation, yet, she chose to cry it out, and move along, never doing a spiteful thing. (She’s better than me)

She gives each day a new life, smiling, loving, and caring for those she knows, and those she doesn’t.  Inspirational, loving, happy, are the words you will hear when people speak of her.

Although, I would never, ever, want her hurt, I would love to take a page from her book.  The lady who has been burnt by love, broken by words, and torn at the seams for caring too much about someone who did not return that love, has taught me so much.  I want to go out there and LIVE life while I’m (thankfully) still here.

Life is too short to wallow in pain and misery, there are others to live for, but most importantly live for YOURSELF. She has taught me that, the way she loves her babies hard, and doesn’t retaliate, but gives her heart to the world. She doesn’t just put a smile on her face, she places it in heart.

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6 thoughts on “That’s What She Said: Victoria Erickson #linkup”

  1. This is a beautiful quote! Ok, I’m writing this down so I can join in on the link up next Monday. I’m so glad this runs for two weeks so I have time!! I loved what you shared for this. It’s amazing how some people can take the high road and display such class. I think it’s easier to spread hate and trash talk. It’s so much harder to keep it inside and be the better person. My mother would always tell me to be better and it would make me so mad. But now I definitely get it.

    1. Thanks, Karen!! We cannot wait to see what you share 🙂
      As a mother I’ve found myself uttering those words “be the bigger person, move on” to my children, usually to stop a fight 🙂
      Sometimes, you don’t want to be the bigger person, but in the end it’s best. I guess Mama knows best.

  2. This is a beautiful response! Isn’t it amazing how some people, no matter what struggles they have faced in their lives, are constantly able to pick themselves up and keep going and have a positive attitude all at the same time? She sounds like a very strong and admirable woman.

    1. I have nothing but the upmost respect for those that can pick themselves up and power through still spreading love. She is very admirable, for sure.

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