Wisdom Wednesday

Okay, Wisdom Wednesday, may be a stretch but for the sake of alliteration, fortune cookies, and Wednesday, can we just go with it?  You may not find anything wisdom-ly here, or profound for that matter, but eh I’m going with it. Wisdom Wednesday, advice I got from a fortune cookie…

Wisdom Wednesday advice I got from a fortune cookie

Tweet: “Take a chance while you still have the choice.”  {go ahead, you can tweet that, I’ll wait 🙂 }

I shared this fortune cookie fortune on Twitter & Instagram, but I felt I needed to share it here. It just made me think….  Am I taking chances?  Annnnnd to answer my own question, no. 🙁 . Remember how we started out 2015 all rah-rah: this year is mine, 2015 is ours, I’m owning 2015…. did you do that too?  Well, I did.  I wrote a post about my WORDS for 2015.  I have been doing okay at some of them.  BUT there is this one word on the list that is glaring at me all side-eye.  BRAVE.

Last week’s (shameless but fitting plug) TWSS prompt was: 

Show me how big your brave is- Sara Bareilles

Show Me How Big Your Brave Is Sara Bareilles|TWSS| Weekly Quote Linkup| writers| bloggers| word lovers| write on| Mrs. AOK, A Work In Progress.com

In classic mommy-like behavior I decided to focus the word “brave” on my daughter.  I talked about how I wanted her to keep that zeal she has, that energetic quest for knowledge, for pursuing her dreams; I want her to be brave.  Yet, there I was wondering am I brave?  If brave is careful I am a freakin’ super hero!  However, brave is taking chances.  Brave is not passing up the chance to choose, it is taking the choice you want and owning it.  Brave is having courage. Courage is not being fearful.  Fearful is the ugly antagonist of my adult life.  I hate fear. I wish I could say I have dropped fear. I want to look fear in her face and say BYE, FEARLICIA.  Fearlicia is holding me back.

With all that said, I am working on having more courage in myself, I will be brave.  I will finally share that post, the post I have written about 20 times on paper and in my head.  I may share it here or elsewhere, but I am letting go. Maybe it is what I need.

Be brave, be courageous! And save those fortunes, tape them to your really fancy smancy iMac. Let them remind you that the chance and the choice is YOU.  <<< OH SHIT, MAYBE I DID JUST ‘OPRAH’ YOU! BAM!

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35 thoughts on “Wisdom Wednesday”

  1. I love the word: Brave…and I love that fortune too because we can all stand to ask ourselves the question about what chances we are taking. And bye Fearlicia is true…I have also battled with fear!!

    1. I want to be brave! I want to stand up, stand tall, and chasing down dreams and “own” them. I am rather tired of my own fear/self doubt holding me back. Let’s bid adieu to Fearlicia!
      p.s. I know a lady who is rather fearlessly chasing down her fitness goals 🙂

  2. Alright well I focused on my daughter too with that post! I can’t help it, I always want things for her and worry too much about the future that I can’t even control. Enough about that, looking forward to your post. I know it’s hard but you can do it!

    1. Ha Ha! MOMS! I know you focused on your sweet baby girl too, *BUT* your post served as another sign for me.
      You stated: “I need to teach her to take chances, put herself out there and always give her the confidence that she can do anything she puts her mind to.”
      BOOM! I needed that too! Thank you!

      The post will be sad, it has brought about plenty of tears, but it is a story that has shaped me as a mother.


  3. It’s nice to know that once in awhile a fortune cookie dispenses advice worth shoring! Seriously, though, that is some really great advice, to be brave when you have the choice. I hope you find more opportunities to let your brave self shine through–and I look forward to reading that piece one day, whatever it is about!

    1. I think I am going to hunt down opportunities. I have been waiting for who-knows-what twiddling my thumbs, I’m done. I know what I want to get accomplished and I am not going to stand in MY way. Perhaps fear is not my antagonist after all. 🙁

      I will for sure let you know when I finally share it.

  4. As I get older, I find more and more excuses to avoid risk taking–but now that I think about it, getting older is the exact reason why we should take chances. If we want to show our kids how to take charge in life, spur our own emotional growth, or just have more interesting stories to tell, we need to make risky choices (and a few mistakes) once in a while. Great post!

    1. Thank you, Amanda!
      As much as it pains me to speak the words “I’m getting old” I’m getting old, and I DO NOT want to waste any more of my time on fear. Risk-taking it is!

  5. Fearlicia, omg, you have me dying over here. 😀

    Girl, don’t make me put on my Chase Your Dreams cheerleader outfit. You own BRAVE. Make it your bitch. Don’t let anything hold you back!!! And I totally want to read that post. 🙂 xo

  6. Hey lady!

    This is a great post. Brave is such a great word to teach your daughter. I’m always talking to my daughters abouit taking chances and not let fear get in the way as it does to me from time to time.

    Letting go is the first step…and I can’t wait to read your post :). Have a great night and enjoy the rest of your week!

    1. Hey there sweet lady!
      I think BRAVE should be one of the first words we teach our girls. Along with teaching them they should and can take chances, break glass ceilings, and chase their dreams down. Good job, Mama!
      Let’s drop fear!

  7. Ok, i think you are Brave. You put yourself out there, write what you believe, believe in your writing and you are honest in your writing. That is Brave. Oh you are married to a man that has served his country and stood by him, that in my book is BRAVE. Oh let me go on…. You are a mum…. Now we all know that is Brave, and you are the mum of a teenager now!!! HELLO BRAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Just saying 🙂


    1. Awwwwwww, Ray! Thank you!!! Sometimes I can forget the hurdles I have leaped over gracefully and not-so gracefully to get to where I am today.
      I wish I thought my writing was brilliant every time I hit publish, but seriously I question myself about 250 times before I post and about 50 more times afterward.

      1. Just know that you oooozzzzze through with your writing and come across as very genuine. So stop second guessing yourself mate. Love coming back and reading your posts each and every week 🙂 Have a fabulous Friday….. Off to write my thank you’s……

  8. I really want to read that post! In due time.
    2015 has been pretty good for me because, well, it’s better than 2014! I’ve already done more and coped better. It’s by no means where I want to be, but I hope to get there.

    1. I am glad to hear 2015 is already better than last year! I know it will get even better…

      “The sun will come out tomorrow. So you gotta hang on ’til tomorrow, come what may!”

      I know me belting out an Annie song about the sun coming out, is hard to imagine, considering the harsh winter your way, but the sun *will* come out, again. And 2015 *will* continue to be better.

  9. “the chance and the choice is YOU.” <—– daaaaamn I got chills lol!!!! Ugh LOVE THIS!!! Yes, I do the same with my children…I focus on attributes in them that I love and want to foster but will completely ignore my need to face Fearlicia! You have such a way of putting things into words and making me laugh at the same time, BYE FEARLICIA lol. I hope that you definitely write that post that's been in your head or anything else you've been meaning to do but putting off because of fear. You've inspired me to do the same!

    1. Awwww, Jessica, thanks!!!
      I didn’t really know where I was going, I certainly didn’t think I was going to say anything profound, but I seriously Oprah’ed myself. I NEED to focus a bit more on myself, I *AM* taking my advice. I have to. I want to Die Empty. (Have you read that book, Die Empty? I’m reading it now, I think you’d like it)
      Let’s take on Fearlicia together!!
      Cheers to US!

  10. That’s a pretty decent fortune. Did you add “in bed” at the end to see how that changed it? 😉

    We all get scared from time to time or let fear keep us from taking risks or big steps. It’s great when we have these moments that make us stop and consider whether or not we are being brave enough.

    1. I did not think to add “in bed” 🙂

      Can I be completely honest with you. There is this post I want to share, and I’m going to. However, there is this brilliant blogger who wrote a quite compelling post on “owning a story” which has made me question… is this my story to tell. And I have decided it is, it may not be my story, but the story shaped me.

      I’m stopping a lot these days to consider whether or not I’m being brave enough. I’m learning I NEED to take the chances… why the hell did it take me this long to even consider that.?.

  11. On a somber note, I took my chance of running the hell away from my 2nd husband who got violent with me. It was scary for me to drive 27 hours across country with my fear of driving. I guess I had to face one fear to avoid another danger. I don’t even want to know what life would have been like if I stayed. I might not have gotten another chance. Good topic today~ With Lunar New Year, it is apropos.

    1. I am so glad you took the chance!! I am not a fan of driving either, but if I had to drive to get away from evil and start anew, I would be brave like YOU. Kudos, Meredith for taking control of your life. All the best!

    1. You are a book-lover, so I’m going to share this book, although you may have already read it, if not maybe it can go on your list… “Die Empty”. I just started reading it, and I want to set aside time to finish it. It’s about getting out all of our ideas or creativeness before we die.
      Anyway… I’m sure you have shown Dino plenty of brave. 🙂

  12. It’s amazing how we as parents have not problems encouraging our children to be brave, but we are seldom brave enough to follow our hearts ourselves. I’ve had this inner struggle before. I’m glad that you’ve made up your mind to take that chance you’ve been wanting to. There’s nothing like time passing you by and you end up thinking what-if about all of the opportunities and chances you didn’t take.

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