10 Donuts I Want in My Belly RIGHT NOW

10 Donuts I Want In My Belly Right Now

I Have a Problem

I’m going to admit it, sometimes I go on Pinterest and drool over donuts. I have a tendency to think I WANT THAT IN MY BELLY RIGHT NOW. If you take a good hard look at my Instagram you’ll see that I’m doNUTS about doughnuts. (There’s also donut love sprinkled throughout this blog.)

Our First Morning in Seattle

🍩🍩Happy Humpday! 🍩🍩

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Good morning ☕️ Happy Love Day!

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My baby girl made these..

And for her birthday we celebrated with these…

(No, these are not all of my donut pictures on my Instagram, there are plenty more.)

Donut Confession


Okay, so this might shock you: I recently fell in love with donuts. I wasn’t all Homer until a few years ago. Annnd to my family’s dismay I’m the happiest with a regular glazed one. To me the measure of a good doughnut shop is their glazed donut. Anyone else?

ANYWAY, if you’ve been following me lately on Instagram you’ll notice a lack of donuts.  🙁  Well, friends, as much as I love donuts I’m trying to be more vigilant about what goes in this body of mine. THAT DOES NOT MEAN I WILL NOT HAVE DOUGHNUTS, it just means I’ll be more mindful, tis all.


But let’s pretend I could eat all the donuts and look like JLo….


10 Donuts I Want In My Belly RIGHT NOW!!!

1. I told y’all I love glazed donuts, but what I didn’t tell you is Krispy Kreme started my doughnut love affair. I had never tried Krispy Kreme doughnuts, and then one day my husband found one with THE LIGHT ON. Hot, fresh, Krispy Kreme doughnuts are AMAZING!! I found this copycat recipe and I’m looking forward to the bakers in this house to get to work. 🙂
10 Donuts I Want In My Belly Right NOW!! Krispy Kreme Copycat Recipe

2. These Strawberry Buttermilk Donuts via A Food Dance!!! All the heart eyes and food dances for these beauties!! I want, I want, I WANT!!

10 Donuts I want in my belly RIGHT NOW!! Strawberry Buttermilk Donuts with Strawberry Glaze VIA A Happy Food Dance

3. I’m about to switch it up… SUSHI DONUT!! Yes, please!! Whole Foods is tempting me with these:

4. Thank you, Angela!! Angela shares how to make a sushi donut ANNNND a Kimbap donut!! KIMBAP!! You guys, Korean food is one of my favorites. I grew up with a huge Korean influence in my life, so yeah, kimchi is a staple in this house.

5. Raspberry Ripple Doughnuts!! Raspberries are my favorite berries. Adding raspberries to a doughnut with sweetened cream, all the power ups!! Yes. Please. And thank you. 🙂

6. Blueberries are a close second to raspberries. I’m quite sure these Baked Lemon Blueberry Donuts do NOT disappoint.

7. You guys know I’m up and down with Paleo / carb-cutting, so these Paleo Carrot Cake donuts will come in handy soon. They’re ready in 15 MINUTES!!


I mean, do I really have to say more? The Novice Chef has me drooling over her recipes and images.

9. My husband introduced Old-Fashioned donuts into my life and I’m so glad he did. These Old Fashioned Sour Cream Donuts via Handle the Heat have me wanting to reach through my screen!! I love the slight tang in an old fashioned. 🙂


10. Apple Fritter Rings with Caramel Sauce. Okay, maybe not technically donuts, but they’re round, fried, and apple-ly. Works for me!

What’s your favorite donut? Doughnut or Donut? And does it matter… 🙂







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8 thoughts on “10 Donuts I Want in My Belly RIGHT NOW”

  1. OMG! I feel like I broke my diet just looking at these! Ha, ha! I love glazed donuts too, but those strawberry buttermilk donuts and the baked lemon blueberry donuts look scrumptious. I’m drooling right now. :p

  2. Oh, honey. This. Except the sushi donut!? Although maybe I’d try it.
    I was just at ShopRite (do you have that out there? doubtful) for work and found a nice big sprinkled donut for Des. In all honesty, I’m surprised I haven’t eaten it yet?

  3. Uhm…. I can’t believe you would share this here because now I want all the donuts. LOL at Homer and the donut on legs. YUP! That’s me. Drooooool. I wouldn’t pass up any of these but I’ll be honest–that sushi donut is kind of weird. Though, in the right moment, I’d eat that, too 🙂 LOL #noshame

    Hope you have a great weekend, my sweet! XOXO

  4. Doooonuts! You are making me drool. Whenever you come out to Boston (not if, when!) I’m taking you to this amazing local donut place called Union Square Donuts. My favorite is the brown butter hazelnut crunch, followed by the maple bacon. Heaven in a sugary breakfast treat!

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