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Two Truths and a Lie

Two Truths and a Lie (Alternative Fact)

I have read my fair share of Two Truths and a Lie posts. Every time I read one I say I’ll do one, but never do. After YEARS of reading everyone else’s truths and lies, it’s my turn! I’m going to share two truths and one lie, you get decide which one you think is the lie. I’ll let you know which two were the truth and which one was the lie in separate post, Monday. 🙂

Get ready, buttercup, it’s time to read me. 🙂


I’m starting a new blog


I heard that read! “But you hardly blog here.” Ouch! That hurt. You’re right I have been quite sporadic lately, but I truly do enjoy blogging. I love it SO MUCH that I want to write more about being positive…

My mom sent me to anger management



When I was around 15 years old my mom sent me to anger management, which made me angry. Yes, she sent me, a peaceful, loving, and kindness advocate.

I chickened out, when I saw Kanye at FAO Schwarz in Chicago


When I lived in Illinois we would visit Chicago often, especially when family came to visit. I saw Kanye (that old Kanye, not that new Kanye) at FAO Schwarz and I chickened out- I couldn’t approach him.

I Miss the Old Kanye from Lauren Bowers on Vimeo.

Which is which?

Okay, that’s it, two truths and one lie. Which one do you think is the lie? I cannot wait to hear which one you think is the lie and why. 😀

Totally random question, but since it’s Friday, and it’s been awhile:  Do you think I should bring Thank You Notes back? If I bring it back, I’m not sure if I’ll make TYN a link up.  

Thank You Notes| It's FRIDAY, time for thank you notes!

Did you miss my last post? I wrote about DONUTS!! You don’t want to miss donuts, do you?





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18 thoughts on “Two Truths and a Lie”

  1. Oh, hmmmm! I have a really hard imagining you with an anger management problem, but I could see you perhaps being a bit feisty as a teen 😉 I’m gonna go with you are starting a new blog as the lie. Can’t wait to see the answer!

  2. I am so bad at these posts! I am the worst guesser ever. I am going to guess that starting a new blog is a lie….We’ll see how I do!

  3. I vote that you should bring back Thank You Notes. And my guess is that the anger management is a lie. You seem so sweet that I can’t ever imagine you having had anger issues strong enough to require anger management.

  4. I saw your Instagram post today so I know you are starting a new blog that I’m excited to look at. I really can’t guess which one is a lie, but I’m leaning more towards seeing Old Kanye since it was in a toy store.

  5. I don’t know what I loved more… all the housewives memes OR the actual game itself–what a fun post! I think this is my new favorite prompt. I’d have to go with Anger Management. HELL NO, you are like, the sweetest buttercup in the world. I can’t even imagine that.

    I feel like the Kanye thing totally happened. And I’d LOOOOVE to see you start a new blog! On my way to see which is which now 🙂 XOXO

    1. There are so many good housewives memes out there! I had to omit some, I could have went (more) crazy with them. 🙂
      You are too sweet, thank you!!

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