The first Currently of 2017!! Yikes. It's March and there's a lot to catch you up with. :) Let's dig in!

Currently {March 2017}


It’s time for another Currently post! Wait? What? Rewind. Okay, so it’s been quite some time since my last Currently post. Yikes! I didn’t realize it’s been that long. I think… or hope I’ll make up for that here. Here’s what’s going on with me currently.

The first Currently of 2017!! Yikes. It's March and there's a lot to catch you up with. :) Let's dig in!


Currently Watching

I hate to admit this, because I’ve talked about how this has caused anxiety in me in the past, but I’ve been watching the news like a hawk lately. Perhaps I should ease up. I recently deleted Twitter off of my phone because I couldn’t take some of the negativity that was on there. I still visit Twitter, but from my computer, and only for an allotted amount of time, so I don’t go down nasty rabbit hole. But besides that, THE VOICE is back! 🙂 Finally a show we can watch with the kids that isn’t a Food Network show.

Currently watching The Voice

I’m behind, but have you heard of a little show called This Is Us? Yeah, that show, it gets me. Sometimes it makes me think a little too much, about my life, my past and my future, and oh m’goodness do I go through Kleenex when I watch that show. I hope Kleenex is their official sponsor. 😀


On the world to change.


Do you really want a ride on this crazy train? Really? Did you just say yes? Okay, buckle up, buttercup, because you’re in for a ride. Opening tabs… ready… set… go!

My Brain Has Too Many Tabs Open| Currently


If you’ll read this and think, “this chick is nuts” OR “aww, I love her honesty. She’s so real. (She’s crazy) I feel better about myself.” 😀 Which just reminded me of an episode of The American Housewife. Have you seen that show? (I haven’t watched it lately, but when I was sick earlier this year I went on a binge.)


Sometimes the main character reminds me of… me. Not all the time, but there are certainly some similarities. Like living in the good neighborhood with your kids’ well-to-do-friends, but you’re you know… well… 😀

What the heck is up with this weather?!?!


It rains, snows, gets sunny, snows, then rains, and this is just one day. Apparently, this isn’t the norm for this area.

I’m wondering what your take is on the Ciara and Russel Wilson pregnancy photo…

Why is my hair darker!?! I dyed my hair and it’s darker than it was and what it was supposed to be. I’m not sure why, and this isn’t the first time this has happened. Maybe I have some sort of genetic makeup that some how adheres to the dye and does whatever the heck it wants to. Apparently this molecule in my hair is feeling super emo, so it looks like I’m going dark for spring? Probably, not. I still need to email my Color Concierge and let her know how my experience went.

Currently: New Hair with Madison Reed

Maybe the fancy pants-ness is rubbing off on me, now that I have a color concierge. Not really, blog friends introduce you to cool services that are still cheaper than hitting up a salon, darling. 🙂 Madison Reed covered all the sparkly hair!! And that makes me very happy. 🙂


Also wondering why it has taken me THIS LONG to say:

Happy Women's History Month

I’ve been celebrating on my Thats_What_She_Said_Quote_Shop Instagram this month by featuring different powerful women. Oh, and I’m having a SUPER MEGA SALE today in my shop (TODAY ONLY).

50% off Sale off of all digital prints. That's What She Said Quote Shop


My Cowboys hoodie and Cowboys jammy pants. But lately, I’ve been sneaking wearing my daughter’s wellies (affiliate link). They match my jacket so well. 🙂

Currently Wanting

World peace. To hear my phone go CHA-CHING. My hair to be lighter. To lose about 5-10 pounds. To paint.

Ladies, I’m obsessed with painting!! This weekend I pulled out my easel (that my husband got me for 30th birthday, which was the sweetest. He knew I needed to create to get out of my gray period. I’ve talked about here and in this book. Affiliate link)

Currently loving painting. This is one of my latest works. :)

I shared the process of this painting on my Instagram.

A margarita would be nice, too. 🙂


AGAIN, to hear the Etsy cha-ching, world peace, to lose weight. But what I’m really wishing is that you’ll forgive me for this blog being so sparse lately. I was thinking about doing a whole overhaul on this blog, but something new has popped up, which may be the outlet I needed, which means maybe things won’t change too much here after all.


So many works in progress. I’m working on new projects, more prints, more paintings, being a better person, better planning, and on working on gaining your forgiveness for being a slacker pants blogger.


p.s. There’s a giveaway on my TWSS Instagram that nobody has won yet! Enter here


What are you up to currently?

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15 thoughts on “Currently {March 2017}”

  1. OMG, your painting is incredible! Love it so much 🙂 Also what a fun version of John Mayer–thank you so much for sharing <3 always did love this song…

    PS: I haven't seen American Housewife, but it's impossible for me to watch This Is Us and not shed a million tears. What is it about that show that gets me every time? Sniff. I love it so much… and Milo <3 But I think Randall is my favorite.


    1. THANK YOU!!!
      I had to share that version, I like to share covers from time to time.
      That show gets me every.single.time!! Just when I think I’m making it out of an episode with no tears, BOOM: I’m a hot mess express!

  2. Also! I hadn’t seen the Ciara photo shoot… she’s gorgeous, but the one image at the top is kinda weird. It’s like shoulders coming out of her butt or something, I dunno. LOL!

    1. Isn’t she!?! And her skin is flawless.
      That picture with baby Future, Russel, and her is a little weird. Maybe if they were positioned differently it wouldn’t be so weird.

  3. I’ve heard good things about This Is Us, but I haven’t seen it yet. My hair soaks up color, too. I don’t mind it, but it takes about a week or two before the color is where I want it. Hopefully, the color concierge can help 🙂

    1. Oh my gosh it’s SO GOOD!! If you watch you’ll have to let me know. My mom was the one that kept telling me I NEEDED to watch it, and when Mama says… 🙂 She was right. But seriously Kleenex.
      I hope so too. I think it might be lightening up.

  4. I alway enjoy your currently posts. It feels like it’s just me and you at the kitchen table drinking tea and catching up like old friends. I hope that doesn’t sound weird. lol I’m also a little behind on “this Is Us” I need a little pep in my step after work and as great as this show is, it can be a downer. I need to watch American Housewife I love that actress.

  5. I am EIGHT episodes behind with “This is Us.” Should I even admit that? No.
    And we are twins because last week I had an American Housewife binge. It just happened!
    Across the country, our weather is crazy too. We have all four seasons in one week.

  6. I love This is Us!!! Absolutely love all of the characters. Even though I want to dislike Miguel it isn’t possible.
    I love your painting. I can’t wait to see more painting from you. I want to get better at painting one day.

  7. This weather has been crazy, indeed. And we are on episode 2 of This is Us and we love it! It’s great that you’ve been painting and getting creative again; I will be here to read your blog whenever you want to post! See you on Instagram!

  8. Love this idea. Great to catch up! Also, the weather. Ugh…here in Minnesota it is 65 one day, tornadoes the next, and now a snow storm. So odd! #MMBH

  9. Oy, I’m so behind on reading! I like my little summary of the news in e-mail form, or catching up on John Oliver. He at least makes me laugh about all the things that would otherwise depress me.
    Hoping for lots of cha-chings for you! <3
    And the weather here, I don't know what's going on! But at least the snow has melted after each big snow fall. In fact, it's almost all gone again. I'm so ready for spring!

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