{Creatively Speaking} Creative Space. A look into a creative's mind/ creative space.
Currently, Getting to know Me

Creatively Speaking: Creative Space

Creatively Space Lately, I have craved a form of creative expression. Although, I consider myself a creative person, I have doubts and droughts. With the move here creativity kind of took a back burner. Sure, I was creatively putting a space together for my family, but I was not completely focused on a little creativity time for just ME, for fun. I now have a wonderful creative space in my home. I can write, paint and craft my little heart out here. I’m excited about it, I love it. But sadly, it was one of the last places I put some energy in. To remain truthful to you, my space is not complete, but it’s complete enough for me to begin: creativity!

{Creatively Speaking} Creative Space. A look into a creative's mind/ creative space.

Physical Creative Space

Creatively Speaking: My Creative Space, a look into my creative space physically and mentally.

I have finally begun once again to pour my heART out. I have missed writing, painting, and drawing so much. I’m thrilled that the words of authors surround me while I paint or write. I’m even more excited to fill the shelves with some of my own original works. This creative space makes me happy. However, this creative space also makes me a smidge anxious.


Why on earth would I, a creative, be anxious about a creative space? Well, for so many reasons that I’m not sure anyone may understand, but I will try to explain anyway. I will begin with ME. I AM THE NUMBER ONE REASON. Not the room, really, it’s more me. I am in my head, my one true creative space. Often I question myself: is this good, should I really stick with this, will anyone like it, which route will I take, do I have time for this today, what else could you I be doing right now, etc… I could keep going. These are some of the words that occasionally float in my creative space and suck the color from me, which drains my soul.

Mental Creative Space

Besides the negative/questioning words, I have FOMO. Yes, I said it, I have FOMO, FEAR OF MISSING OUT, but on what? On missing out on the right outlet, the right creative form, the one that will hit the spot. I have been told that I have “talents”, you have no idea how that fills me up, but blows me up. I am filled with such a high when someone sees the talent in me. But I’m also over inflated with the pressure to keep these “talents”. It’s like I have to prove to myself that I am good enough to receive these kind words.

The Case of Loving a Creative| When you love a creative and a creative giveaway with Case App| Mrs. AOK, A Work In Progress

Again, it’s me, not you. I appreciate all the praise. I actually need it, honestly. Praise and kind words pushed me to do something kind of HUGE for me.

Despite my fear, my lack of complete focus in one path, fomo, and a slew of other descriptive words, I decided to take a plunge.

Do What You LOVE

I have added a few of my paintings to my Etsy shop!!

I've added a few paintings to my Etsy Shop!!

TWSS Quote Shop Flower Girl Painting

I’m beyond excited to start this journey of sharing my work for others to add to their own creative spaces. Thankful to those that pushed me. ANNND I’m sincerely, thankful for those days when I can let the negative and the perfection go. 🙂

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The Case of Loving a Creative| When you love a creative and a creative giveaway with Case App| Mrs. AOK, A Work In Progress








creative space photo credit: Photo by Alice Achterhof on Unsplash


Currently {May 2017}


If I’m being honest, currently, I’m still sickened and outraged over the senseless act of violence that happened this week. My heart breaks every time I hear news of Manchester. It doesn’t make sense. At all. Those who were targeted were babies. Babies! It makes me sick to my stomach. I start to ache when I put myself in the parents’ and the children’s shoes. Empathy is wonderful, but boy is it hard sometimes. I’m able to wear the emotions of others so well sometimes, and it hurts. (I have an 8 yo son, 11 yo daughter, and a 15 yo daughter, it’s been VERY easy for me to put myself in that place.)

Currently I feel selfish, because I’m trying to avoid some of the news. It’s just too much, because again, I have the ability to really put myself in the situation. I feel selfish for feeling this way because obviously those who are dealing with this head on in Manchester can’t hide from it.

Currently….too many

There’s been too many times since I started blogging that there’s been some awful tragedy. I always question: 1) should I write the post 2) is this too light and insensitive. Sometimes I’ll take a day, sometimes I will write right away, and as always I tell myself you must go on. You’re lucky and FEAR is not allowed here. So, EFF OFF YOU TERRORIST SCUM! Nobody thinks you’re badass coming after babies with bombs.

I’m sure you’re thinking: WOW, DEAN! And currently I’m thinking: WHOA, I guess I had to get that off my chest. Perhaps I’ve been holding in all my emotions lately. I’m in a place of calm and balance but when you miss a morning of meditation this happens… I guess.

Currently {May 2017}

I didn’t want this month’s Currently post to go this way. Here’s how it would have originally went….


How can I boost my blog stats?!?! My blog stats have taken a dive this year. I can admit that I haven’t been the best blogger this year. Posting here hasn’t been nearly as much as I use to, and perhaps this is a direct reflection of that. I really don’t know what to do. Help?




Currently wanting more of this AMAZING Fresh Nature jalapeno hummus!!  I’m considering breaking up with guacamole for this stuff. May I add that this is in NO way sponsored. I just figured I wouldn’t be a good friend if I didn’t tell you about this glorious new find. I’m on my second tub… eeek!! To be fair we made sandwiches using the hummus in place of guac. We’re a family of five. 🙂 Also, I cannot wait to make some falafels.

And since I’m on the subject of food… I’ve been wanting more of these brown butter blondies!! My youngest daughter made them for me for Mother’s Day and they were phenomenal! I couldn’t stay out of that dish. 😀 I totally carb-loaded on Mother’s Day.

I never showed up my Mother’s Day arm candy! The kids made me bracelets, my husband purchased his for me.


That you will head on over to check out these posts if you missed them. 🙂

Happy Mail Unboxed

Glossies Made Me Do It

DIY Frida Kahlo Inspired Flower Crown

Sweet Progress Box Swap Reveal

Don’t forget I blog over at Living A Positive Lifestyle! 🙂 I’d love to see you there too.

MAY The Force Be With You

5 Tips on Getting Rid of Those Nagging Negative Thoughts


I’m also wishing for more days like this.

My husband and I went to the grocery store to pick up a few things for dinner. (It was beautiful day, we wanted to BBQ.) When we came home all three of… excuse me, I mean all four of our babies were outside- there was some intense reading going on. We followed it up with an intense couple rounds of Spades and good food. 🙂

Working on

Keeping centered! I’ve been working so hard to keep internal balance.



ART! This is my last month of being an art docent. May was also our art show. 🙂 I had my last class with my third class this week. We worked on cubism. Next week I say goodbye to my 5th graders.

I made the kids stickers and I put cute tags on pencils for the kiddos. 🙂

What are you up to currently?





The first Currently of 2017!! Yikes. It's March and there's a lot to catch you up with. :) Let's dig in!

Currently {March 2017}


It’s time for another Currently post! Wait? What? Rewind. Okay, so it’s been quite some time since my last Currently post. Yikes! I didn’t realize it’s been that long. I think… or hope I’ll make up for that here. Here’s what’s going on with me currently.

The first Currently of 2017!! Yikes. It's March and there's a lot to catch you up with. :) Let's dig in!


Currently Watching

I hate to admit this, because I’ve talked about how this has caused anxiety in me in the past, but I’ve been watching the news like a hawk lately. Perhaps I should ease up. I recently deleted Twitter off of my phone because I couldn’t take some of the negativity that was on there. I still visit Twitter, but from my computer, and only for an allotted amount of time, so I don’t go down nasty rabbit hole. But besides that, THE VOICE is back! 🙂 Finally a show we can watch with the kids that isn’t a Food Network show.

Currently watching The Voice

I’m behind, but have you heard of a little show called This Is Us? Yeah, that show, it gets me. Sometimes it makes me think a little too much, about my life, my past and my future, and oh m’goodness do I go through Kleenex when I watch that show. I hope Kleenex is their official sponsor. 😀


On the world to change.


Do you really want a ride on this crazy train? Really? Did you just say yes? Okay, buckle up, buttercup, because you’re in for a ride. Opening tabs… ready… set… go!

My Brain Has Too Many Tabs Open| Currently


If you’ll read this and think, “this chick is nuts” OR “aww, I love her honesty. She’s so real. (She’s crazy) I feel better about myself.” 😀 Which just reminded me of an episode of The American Housewife. Have you seen that show? (I haven’t watched it lately, but when I was sick earlier this year I went on a binge.)


Sometimes the main character reminds me of… me. Not all the time, but there are certainly some similarities. Like living in the good neighborhood with your kids’ well-to-do-friends, but you’re you know… well… 😀

What the heck is up with this weather?!?!


It rains, snows, gets sunny, snows, then rains, and this is just one day. Apparently, this isn’t the norm for this area.

I’m wondering what your take is on the Ciara and Russel Wilson pregnancy photo…

Why is my hair darker!?! I dyed my hair and it’s darker than it was and what it was supposed to be. I’m not sure why, and this isn’t the first time this has happened. Maybe I have some sort of genetic makeup that some how adheres to the dye and does whatever the heck it wants to. Apparently this molecule in my hair is feeling super emo, so it looks like I’m going dark for spring? Probably, not. I still need to email my Color Concierge and let her know how my experience went.

Currently: New Hair with Madison Reed

Maybe the fancy pants-ness is rubbing off on me, now that I have a color concierge. Not really, blog friends introduce you to cool services that are still cheaper than hitting up a salon, darling. 🙂 Madison Reed covered all the sparkly hair!! And that makes me very happy. 🙂


Also wondering why it has taken me THIS LONG to say:

Happy Women's History Month

I’ve been celebrating on my Thats_What_She_Said_Quote_Shop Instagram this month by featuring different powerful women. Oh, and I’m having a SUPER MEGA SALE today in my shop (TODAY ONLY).

50% off Sale off of all digital prints. That's What She Said Quote Shop


My Cowboys hoodie and Cowboys jammy pants. But lately, I’ve been sneaking wearing my daughter’s wellies (affiliate link). They match my jacket so well. 🙂

Currently Wanting

World peace. To hear my phone go CHA-CHING. My hair to be lighter. To lose about 5-10 pounds. To paint.

Ladies, I’m obsessed with painting!! This weekend I pulled out my easel (that my husband got me for 30th birthday, which was the sweetest. He knew I needed to create to get out of my gray period. I’ve talked about here and in this book. Affiliate link)

Currently loving painting. This is one of my latest works. :)

I shared the process of this painting on my Instagram.

A margarita would be nice, too. 🙂


AGAIN, to hear the Etsy cha-ching, world peace, to lose weight. But what I’m really wishing is that you’ll forgive me for this blog being so sparse lately. I was thinking about doing a whole overhaul on this blog, but something new has popped up, which may be the outlet I needed, which means maybe things won’t change too much here after all.


So many works in progress. I’m working on new projects, more prints, more paintings, being a better person, better planning, and on working on gaining your forgiveness for being a slacker pants blogger.


p.s. There’s a giveaway on my TWSS Instagram that nobody has won yet! Enter here


What are you up to currently?

Currently August 2016: Here's what I'm currently up to this August.

Currently: August 2016

Is it time for another Currently post? Why the hell is time flying!?!! I guess we just have to go with it, huh?

Currently {August 2016}

Currently August 2016: Here's what I'm currently up to this August.


So, we purchased Harry Potter and the Cursed Child the day it came out. My oldest daughter finished it the next day. I decided I would read it with all the kids, we have “school” on Mondays and Tuesdays, so I thought we’d save one of those days for reading together. That worked well for about 3 days, but they wanted to read on their own. I totally understand. So this is what I’m currently reading on my own, I’m almost done.

Currently Reading August 2016: Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

You know I always pick up crafty and artsy books…

Currently Reading August 2016

Here is the next book I’m diving into. I couldn’t help but to start it. I must resist, because Harry and Albus.

Currently Reading August 2016


Can you believe I’m all done with Game of Thrones? I finished it too fast, now I have to wait until next summer like everyone else to view season 7.


Did you see Friday’s post, I shared a BAMFING GoT recap compliments of Samuel L. Jackson.

My family and I were all into the Olympics this year. Did you watch?


Voice fans? Are there any voice fans? I’m excited for the next season of The Voice, I don’t know why I watched that little preview they gave us on Sunday… TEASE.

Listening to:

Currently I’m listening to my son play a geography game on the iPad. 🙂

A photo posted by TED Talks (@ted) on

BUUUTTT I listened to this TedTalk the other day and you have to listen to it! I know I’m not alone feeling the way I do after reading the comments left on my Riptide post.

Working on:

Being a better blogger and implementing more creative time.



More time, coffee, money, and maybe a pedicure.

Currently Books & Coffee


Still loving all the pictures from our anniversary! They make me so happy. He makes me so happy. 🙂

l-o-v-e 2


Time flies! And as much as I hate how it flies, I cannot wait for the fall. 🙂 Although, I’m not looking forward to schedules and sending off my babes. Yes, I’m that mom.

Fall Loving


Felling like I’m slowly but surely swimming out of this riptide. Thank you to my encouragers!!

Battling the Riptide



Our one year anniversary of living in Washington. I cannot believe it’s already been one year! Do you remember the craziness it took for us to get here? And thankfully we made it. It’s been quite a ride.

Nelly Holding On


Soooooo…I was told I got my “Washington card” punched ? #wheninrome

A photo posted by Mrs.AOK (@mrs_aok) on
My Kiddos in Seattle |Thank You NotesPublic Market Center Seattle Dusk| Thank You Notes| Mrs. AOK, A Work In Progress


Christkindlmarket Santa Leavenworth WA
Washington StateThank You Notes: Spring Break in Seattle | Ferris wheel in Seattle WA.
Rushing Water

(I could keep going, but I think I’ll save some of these pictures for another post of our year here. See I’m getting better at this blogging thing. : ) )

Grateful for:

YOU!! Again, I know I’ve been a slacker pants this summer, but know I’m grateful for each one of you!

You're my people & I love y'all

Tell me about your August! What’s up {currently} with you? 🙂 



Battling the Riptide


I realize I speak often of life in the form or waves, ripples, and now tides. Riptides.

Battling the Riptide: I realize I speak often of life in the form or waves, ripples, and now tides. Perhaps it's my inner mermaid that always yearns for the...

Perhaps it’s my inner mermaid that always yearns for the happy oceanic life, which is funny considering I’m not much of a swimmer.

Battling the riptide: I realize I speak often of life in the form or waves, ripples, and now tides. Perhaps it's my inner mermaid that always yearns for the...

 Did I ever tell you the story of when I almost drowned?

My mom, another lover of water with an immense fear of the water, loved to take us to the lake. She’d pack ranch and bologna sandwiches, potato chips, and water in a cooler, she’d pile towels plus four kids (occasionally adding a few tagalongs) in her car. Once we were situated at the lake my mom would sunbathe under the sizzling Texas sun. I can smell the coconut now, she always smelled like sweet coconut on lake days. I love that smell.

Battling the Riptide: I realize I speak often of life in the form or waves, ripples, and now tides. Perhaps it's my inner mermaid that always yearns for the...

One day while at the lake (mom, siblings, and my brother’s friend, minus my dad who was deployed to Korea at the time),  I wanted desperately to swim with the big kids, so that’s what I did, sort of. I felt so free in the water, rising high and low, my feet barely touching the bottom of the lake. It was fun being light on my feet, almost magical, BUT that fun and magical feeling turned into a panic.

Battling the riptide: I realize I speak often of life in the form or waves, ripples, and now tides. Perhaps it's my inner mermaid that always yearns for the...

It felt like certain death..

High and low became bobbling and fighting to see and to be seen. I gasped grappling for air. I cried for help, and thankfully my heroes arrived. My big brother and his friend ran to my aid. They saved me from what felt like certain death. I was about eight, maybe seven. In that seven to eight years of being on earth, jousting with the water felt like the fastest and longest time of my life all wrapped into one.

Battling the Riptide: I realize I speak often of life in the form or waves, ripples, and now tides.Perhaps it's my inner mermaid that always yearns for the...

My mom’s eyes were different after that. She must’ve changed. She had to change. She sent me into the water, she felt like she was somehow responsible, but really it wasn’t her fault at all. But as a mother I now know why the color instantly drained from her face that she was working unrelentingly to gain color to. I believe that memory is stuck in my subconscious and it’s why although I feel the calmest near water, I’m also terribly fearful of it. I worry for my kids who aren’t super strong swimmers like their mama. (Yes, they have had swimming lessons.)

Battling the Riptide…

Anyway, the incident didn’t keep me away from water. When I was younger I wanted to climb mountains, jump on glass, and swim the deepest waters. I had no fear, despite looking death in the face. I wanted to return to light feet and open waters (pools worked too).  I thirst for that free spirit. I thirst for the days when fears didn’t set me back. I want to quench my thirst with all the dreams, leaps, and breathtaking magic that life has to give. But the riptide…

Battling the Riptide: I realize I speak often of life in the form or waves, ripples, and now tides. Perhaps it's my inner mermaid that always yearns for the...

When things seem to be going swell and life is back on track the riptide comes out of nowhere and tries to pull me in. I feel myself taking in the water once more bobbling, heaving, grasping on to life, trying to steadily find my way out of the current. The vicious current. FEAR.

The-Boy-at-the-BEACH Black and White

Life lately, has been me fighting little currents, mini riptides, that want to suck me in. I’m begging my younger self to set me free, let me be brave, strong, and carefree again. I don’t want to coast, I want to… Michael Phelps (?)  🙂

You know that feeling when you KNOW you’re destined for more… dare I say greatness, but something holds you back? That’s the feeling I’ve been having for the last two years. It’s the feeling I’ve wrestled with and won, but then there’s a rematch and I lose. I’m in a sick battle of ping pong. (Can you tell I’ve been watching the Olympics lately?)

Does anyone else feel this way? Am I alone? Half the battle is revealing my fears… right?


Currently July

Currently: This July.

Currently {July 2016}

It’s time for another Currently post. I cannot believe that July is almost over. And as much as I want summer to last a little longer, I am ready for a new month.  I’m optimistic that August will bring about less sadness. Full disclosure: I did not post a Currently post for JUNE! June and July have been busy months for me. July is always a busy month for me. My family celebrates two birthdays this month, my two Mr. Julys. 🙂

Currently July

July has been an erratic month. At times I have felt very May-ish. This month has brought about so much heartache. Although I’m happy in my own life, my own safe little bubble, I cannot help but to feel bleak and fear for what surrounds me. My heart breaks for all of us. It seems like we’re in an ugly place, and I would love for us to escape.. NOW. Division is ugly.


Currently, I’ve been thinking a lot about our world (obviously). Well, I’ve been thinking about the people in this world. As of result of all the hate I’ve been dreaming of better days and peaceful understandings that our differences do not have to divide us.

In a world where you can be anything: BE KIND

And on a less serious note…

Currently, I’m considering dying my hair black. I know that may sound random to you, but I’m seriously considering it. What are your thoughts? I’m a freckle face gal with green eyes and olive skin. So, do you think it’ll work? Actually, I think it probably will, I’ve done it in the past. 🙂 HIGH SCHOOL FLASHBACK!! (My hair is actually a blue black in this picture or as I called it Veronica hair. Archie comics? My brother read them.)


Currently, I’m cooking up a storm with my family, which we’re loving. My family and I have been busy with cookbooks from the library finding new recipes to test. Lately, we kind of live at the library. 🙂

(Currently eating the shawarma my husband and I made using the recipe from An Edible Mosaic while I type this out. Multitasking my lunch like a boss! Are we still using like a boss? 🙂 )

Currently: Cooking

Seattle City of Literature is a book of essays from writers & bookshop owners around the Seattle area writing about the Seattle writing scene, past and present. As a result of reading this book, I think I may make it my mission to visit all the bookshops mentioned in the book.

Booking it 1

I haven’t started Finding Audrey yet, but I plan on starting it next. I’m totally loving Eating in the Middle! The author of the book, Andie Mitchell, lost over 100 pounds!! In the book she shares recipes that meet somewhere in the middle, healthy and tasty.


Currently, I’m thankful that I do not do Facebook. I’ve toned down my time on Twitter, since it’s getting ugly there too. Instagram isn’t too bad, so lately I’ve been hanging out there. I cannot lie though… sometimes I go down the rabbit hole of tweets on current events. I don’t know why, because most of the time I want to scream or cry. SIGH.


Currently and ALWAYS, I’m thankful for my tribe. 🙂 My tribe isn’t limited to my amazing family, it also extends to my amazing friends. 🙂 I love y’all!!

The other day ago I was a little grumpy. I’m not quite sure why, maybe it was all the news, crappy sleep, or just me. My youngest daughter wrote me a sweet little note (as she often does) that said: Momma, I’m sorry you’re not you’re happiest today. I will make you cookies. Love you so, so, so much. ? Instantly I was all better! I didn’t need cookies… love works just fine. ? I did get those cookies though, a few days later, but boy were they worth the wait! My girls make one helluva tag team in the kitchen. •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••Today’s prompt for #CreativeMomLife, hosted by @linkouture & I, is DRINK. ☕️ Coffee & Cookies ?

A photo posted by Mrs.AOK (@mrs_aok) on

Currently, I’m excited for the #SPBoxSwap link up!! It’s almost time!! If you like swap reveals just as much as I do, check back on Friday. 🙂Sweet Progress Button FinalCurrently, besides worrying, reading, cooking, and doodling, I’ve been late night binge watching. WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL ME I WOULD LOVE GAME OF THRONES?!?!? It has taken me forever to join my Sun and Stars, but we are finally watching GOT together. He has been watching for around two years (I think), he’s all caught up and I’m just getting started, but I’m sure it won’t take me too long.

I’ve heard so much about the show from him, social media, and television, but Leslie Jones and Seth Meyers totally peeked my interest. (Can Leslie and Seth have a show, please?) 😀 Furthermore, in regard to Leslie Jones, the hate that has been spewed toward her on Twitter is not cool. I cannot comprehend that kind of hate, especially against a person who makes PEOPLE LAUGH!! Wishing her nothing but love. <3

We binged watched season one of Mr. Robot and I’m hooked! WOW!


I most note that I believe these two shows are well written. I’m in awe of the writing, I’m constantly saying that was good, my kudos to the writers. Even though, I’m usually all about happy and funny television- especially before bed- these two shows are too awesome to miss. Confession: Yes, I cover my eyes during the gory parts of Game of Thrones- no shame. 😀


Currently, I’m planning ahead. My blog has been quite sparse lately, therefore I hope to remedy that by not only planing, but doing. I’m also currently anxiously awaiting sharing something I’m thrilled about. 🙂

So, what’s up with you currently?



Currently: Angsty Retrograde-y May
Currently, Getting to know Me

Currently {Angsty Retrograde-y May}



Currently… I’m going through some thing, I’m not sure what it is. I’m just going through it. I don’t want to let the low tide pull me in. The waves are crashing over me, they’re not hurtful, they are simply cleansing me, perhaps they’re gearing me up for this new chapter. There are moments where I feel like I’m one with those waves; loud, silent, calming, volatile (there’s 8 different definitions of this word choose whichever you’d like), and refreshing.


(Thank you, Shelly, for introducing this song to me.)

Mercury in retrograde?  Thank goodness it’s almost over. Well.. if that’s even it..

Currently, I’m learning what I’ve always known, life moves on with or without you. Life doesn’t slow down for you to catch up, waiting for the right time is the wrong way to manage time. Yup, I’ve done that, and I’m done.

Currently, I’m listening to Beyonce and wondering why it took me so long to get on the Beyonce bandwagon. She has me all inspired right now.


I think I may make Flawless my new anthem (I know it’s an older song, but hear me out), because I need to remember I too can be flawless, I need to drink from the confidence fountain. I also really like hearing Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s part in the song. Annnd now I’m listening to Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s TedTalk.

Currently, I’m getting back into my creative outlets, because I need them.

Morning meditation. Coffee & Sharpies ?

A photo posted by Mrs.AOK (@mrs_aok) on

Currently, I’m missing the beach, I think I need it again. I’ll be there this weekend. YES!! Hopefully, my spending Monday morning in second grade and sharing the sharing bird in sharing circle with a little guy (not my guy) who kept wiping his nose with his hands doesn’t derail my weekend plans.

Mermaid at the Beach

Currently, I’m realizing I’m not a “fake it ’till you make it” gal. I’m a let’s be real gal. I’m being completely transparent here. Life is good. I’m good. I’m just in a place or disarray. I live good. I love hard. I’m loved. I’m happy with my tribe. I’m not in love with my geographic location. I’m fighting some angst. I’m tired of being consistently inconsistent when it comes to the blog. I’d love to get out of debt and have my student loan disappear. I’m ready for us to find our forever home. I’m happy the sun is shinning today. Apparently, I need sun and I have fallen in love with doughnuts. 

A photo posted by Mrs.AOK (@mrs_aok) on

Random The More You Know?   Please do remember we all throw up facades from time to time, so, with that thought, don’t compare yourself. I think we can all admit to a little comparison here and there, right? We have to stop that or realize we’re comparing highlights, or as they call it in second grade high points. You can’t compare other’s high points to your low points or your in the middle. How could we possibly know what goes on behind the iPhone or computer screen?

Currently {thoughts} Your story is unique and so so different... and not worthy comparison.

Currently, I’m wishing I could make a living doodling and handlettering. I’ve been working on a little something, and I know I’ve been hinting for months, but remember what I said about needing to drink from the confidence fountain and fighting off angst. But, Dean, you just said:

Life doesn’t slow down for you to catch up, waiting for the right time is the wrong way to manage time.

Yup, you’re right, and that’s why I followed up with:

Yup, I’ve done that, and I’m done.

I’m also kind of a perfectionist…It's NOT who you are, it's who you THINK you're not

I think I’m also done with information overload too. I’ve been streaming all sorts of information to get me to a point where I will emerge as the all knowledgeable being when it comes to my craft/skill. 😀 It’s pretty laughable, right?

Currently, I’m busy with end-of-the-year school projects and other end-of-the-year school duties that are slowly growing. All of sudden everyone has project or two, and they are all due soon. Thanks!

Currently, I’ve missed out on a hot cup of coffee to talk to you, my friends. Because talking and catching up with friends means more to me than my beloved coffee. 🙂 Thank you for being a friend and caring to read what’s been up with me… currently.



Currently April {2016}

Currently {April}

I cannot believe April is almost over! This month feels like it went by faster than last month, right? Anyway, it’s time for another edition of Currently.  Here’s what I’ve been up to….

Currently April {2016}

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Thinking {Open tabs}

My Brain Has Too Many Tabs Open| Currently

Tab 1  I’m only 35, why on earth did I wake up with pain in my neck and back?!?! I did some yard work this weekend, but I didn’t feel anything on Monday.

Tab 2  If I’m feeling like this now, what’s the future going to be like?!?!? I workout! I think I’m quite healthy…

Tab 3  I’m truly excited for my daughter, today is her first track meet annnnd she’s getting inducted into the National Junior Honor Society tonight.

Tab 4  I need to make some celebration cupcakes!

Tab 5   I really need to hurry up.

Tab 6  I hope I packed enough in the kids’ lunches.

Tab 7  These thank you cards and post cards aren’t going to mail themselves. I have a stack sitting on my desk, they’ve been here for over 2 weeks!! #SlackerPants

You know I could keep going but let’s stop there. 😉


This Monday I spent some time doing the art docent thing with my favorite fourth grade class. 🙂

Currently| Art with kids

Currently | Art with 4th graders

I’ve been drawing a lot lately with a touch of watercoloring.

I’m excited to use my new watercolor postcards! Who needs some happy mail? 🙂


The Voice! Who else is watching? This season has been good thus far BUT they’ve already sent home such wonderful talent. 🙁

Currently Watching {April}: The Voice

(Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)

Voice Fans: Do you think Miley will be a good judge? I think she was a wonderful mentor.

Currently Watching {April} The Voice

(Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)

A few weeks ago I was watching Jimmy Kimmel and that show inspired this post.

Guest Post for Grammie Time| I Am Woman Series

Here’s a sneak peek of the post I did for Michelle’s I am Woman series.

About a week or so ago I was watching Jimmy Kimmel, which is usually a funny show, but that particular night it made me sad.  Jimmy sometimes has a person on the street ask odd questions to adults, which often times yields silly responses. On that night he asked children a question and he received disheartening responses. The question: Why are women paid less than men, the replies made me think somewhere, somehow, we’re not doing enough to break these stereotypes. Some of the responses from the kids….

Guest Post| I Am Woman series for Grammie Time

I’ve been listening to a lot of Oldies and Selena.

And this Selena and JB mashup, because the teen.


I’m always trying to learn, improve… progress ? My latest April library haul represents just that.

Currently Reading {April} | Art Books

Painting has always been soothing to me, but lately watercoloring has been my go to. I’m still a beginner when it comes to watercolor, I’m trying to get all the help I can get in that area. 🙂

Currently Reading {April} | The Art of Social Media

This book! I wasn’t sure if I was going to checkout  The Art of Social Media (Affiliate link), but once I saw Becca inside I had to check it out. I’m glad I didn’t pass up this book!

Currently Reading {April} Writer's Market & The Pocket Muse

I write, therefore I read, and sometimes I read books about writing or finding writing jobs. 🙂 I’m sticking to my Spring Goals. Stephanie gave me the best advice:

I say go for it. Submit your work. The worst that can happen? Nothing. But nothing is what’s happening anyway by not submitting it. Right?

Currently Reading {April} Make & Share Random Acts of Kindness

I HAD to get this book! There are quite a few wonderful ideas in Make & Share Random Acts of Kindness (affiliate link) . {Random Acts Of Kindness}


Well, I’m planning on ch-ch-changes! Nothing too big, just more focused content. However, because I’m trying to write more outside of blogging (lately) I have to find a way to balance time, here, there, & everywhere.

I’m also planning another side hustle, which I’m really excited about. I’m still in the planning stages, so I don’t have too much to share just yet.


I encourage you to fill mail boxes with love letters. (Don’t be like me and leave said love letters on your desk for too long.)

Currently Making it a point to fill people's mailboxes with love :)

Do something nice for someone.


Check out the links in this post.These are few of my favorite links this week.

I encourage you to join me for Thank You Notes. This week I shared our spring break photos. 🙂

Thank You Notes| A weekly link-up of gratitude inspired by Jimmy Fallon and hosted by Mrs. AOK, A Work In Progress| Fridays

Thank You Notes: Spring Break in Seattle | Ferris wheel in Seattle WA.

Follow your dreams!! Today is the best day to start 🙂

TWSS: The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. Eleanor Roosevelt |Quote| Women's Words| Linkup| Blog Prompt| Writers wanted

What are you currently up to?


Currently| March 2016

Currently {March}

This post is a little late. My plan was to post a Currently update each month on the first week of the month.  I’m sure that would have worked had I remembered to add that to my planner! I guess we’ll check in mid-month each month for now on. 🙂 Confession this post is a day late. I was supposed to schedule this post to go live YESTERDAY.


Currently| March 2016

Thinking {Open tabs}

My Brain Has Too Many Tabs Open| Currently

Tab 1 The show Catfish is fascinating in a sad “is this real life” kind of way. I mean, obviously the people that get on the show know there’s something not right but yet it takes them YEARS to finally want to seek help in meeting their lover that they’ve never met in real life or via a video chat.

Tab 2 Do you think I’m Catfishing you? I know there’s been questions about my “real name” Mrs. AOK is kind of my real name. My real life initials are AOK I added the K when I got married to my hubby making me MRS. AOK. 🙂  I do not expect you to call me Mrs. AOK, call me Dean. Dean? Yes, Dean. Dean is my nickname that close friends and family call me.  (It’s short for my first name.) We’re all friends here, so you can call me Dean. 🙂 (And if you were wondering… yes I have shown my face a lot and on live video. )

Tab 3 I hope my kids never get Catfished. Stupid internet. (Just kidding, internet, I love you.) But really there’s a lot of ugly and lies on the internet…

Tab 4 I hate typing on my iPad!!

New Tabs… because new day.

Tab 1  I wonder if my son caught a leprechaun, he was so excited to go to school and find out if his trap worked.

Leprechaun Trap

Tab 2  What am I making for dinner?

Tab 3  I really need to hurry up.


I’ve been painting a lot lately..

Aqua Painting

I’m also working on something for tomorrow. I sure hope it comes out the way it looks in my brain…


If you guessed Catfish you’re right! I’m not feeling well, so I decided to type this up from the couch on my iPad. I would love to watch a few episodes of House of Cards but I’m watching those with my honey.


Drawing Blood (<-affiliate link)

From the book:

Art was my dearest friend.
To draw was trouble and safety, adventure and freedom.
In that four-cornered kingdom of paper, I lived as I pleased.
This is the story of a girl and her sketchbook.

Currently Reading| Drawing Blood


Instagram Setup Regular Day with Mrs. AOK

I really need to start planning things for the kids’ spring break. I have nothing planned. However, nothing does sound good. I have a few posts planned, now I most execute! Tomorrow I plan to share some Thank You Notes!


I encourage you to join me for Thank You Notes tomorrow. Write a few thank you notes and link them up with me.

Thank You Notes| Friday the 13th| World Kindness Day| Mrs. AOK, A Work In Progress

I encourage you to come by tomorrow to check out a guest post I did for Tanya. 🙂


I encourage you to check out my post on Tanya’s blog here.

IG Essentials

I also want to encourage you to let a woman who has inspired you know she’s done so.

I printed out a Rosie the Riveter sign and taped it to my daughters' door, because we CAN do it!| On Being a Woman| Mrs. AOK, A Work In Progress


I encourage you to love big!!


Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!






Always be a work in progress| Emily Lillian| Quotes| Mrs. AOK, A Work In Progress
Currently, Getting to know Me


I’m jumping on the bandwagon again, except this year I’m following the rules; I chose one word this year! Last year, I chose seven words. I did pretty good with those words, I wrote the recap here.  As I stated in my previous post, I’m indecisive. It’s true, I hate to admit it, but it’s true, I can be the worst when it comes to making decisions. Is that some sort of lack of confidence? Perhaps. I think that’s why the word that I chose for this year is perfect!

I choose to flourish this year.

To be honest it took me a while to settle on flourish, I kept thinking there were so many other words, many that I love, but flourish kept popping back in my head. So, like a coach who has an eager player who just wants a chance, I’m letting Flourish suit up for the big game- 2016. 🙂  (If you read suit up and thought of Barney Stinson ->?)

I’m ready to flourish. I need to flourish. I know I’m 35, but I have so much more to do, give, grow– I will flourish.

What the hell does flourish mean?

Well... per Merriam Dictionary:


verb flour·ish \ˈflər-ish, ˈflə-rish\

Simple Definition of flourish

Popularity: Top 20% of words
  • : to grow well : to be healthy

  • : to be very successful : to do very well

  • : to hold up and show (something) in an excited or proud way

Full Definition of flourish

  1. intransitive verb
  2. 1:  to grow luxuriantly :  thrive

  3. 2a :  to achieve success :  prosper <a flourishing business>b :  to be in a state of activity or production <flourished around 1850>c :  to reach a height of development or influence

  4. 3:  to make bold and sweeping gestures

  5. transitive verb
  6. :  to wield with dramatic gestures :  brandish

flour·ish·er noun
flour·ish·ing·ly play\-i-shiŋ-lē\ adverb


What does that mean for me?

This year, I want to grow, thrive, and do things successfully. I want to sincerely, wholeheartedly, and courageously (Don’t hate me Mr. Stephen King. #AdverbQueen) do all the things with zero fear! I want to embrace the hashtag #ByeFearlicia (Okay, it’s not a real hashtag, yet.) Mr. King would argue that I’m still rooted in fear because of my redundant use of adverbs.  I agree, there is still a touch of fear when it comes to my writing. However, I’m well aware that there is magic within me, just like Dumbo. 😉

I want my writing to unfold, I want to release, and share. I’m not holding back. I’ve already begun. 🙂

It’s not all about my writing though, there are many areas where I would like to flourish this year.

*Writing- you’ve got that.

You can, you should, and if you're brave enough to start, you will. | Stephen King| Quote| Word| Mrs. AOK, A Work In Progress.com

*Creativity– I want to create more this year. I want to come alive forgetting rules, lines, and chores, and just go for it!

Creativity is intelligence having fun| Albert Einstein| Quote| Mrs. AOK, A Work In Progress

*Photography- I know photography is a form of creativity, but I want to make it well aware that I will flourish in this area. I want to capture beautiful memories through a lens.

A camera is a save button for the mind's eye| Roger Kingston| Quote| Mrs. AOK, A Work In Progress

* Teaching- I have knowledge to share, thoughts, recipes, and life lessons that I need to giveaway. Sean McCabe, said it best:


*Me- Over the last few years I have slowly unraveled the tight ball of yarn I have become. I’m giving away pieces of me slowly, with love from me to you. I want to keep doing that. I want to love, give, learn, share, repeat. I did things last year that made me happy… PROUD, and I want to do those things multiplied by 100 or a realistic 25. 🙂

Always be a work in progress| Emily Lillian| Quotes| Mrs. AOK, A Work In Progress

Can I be frank with you? As I’m writing this out I’m thinking WTF, why does it take a new year or why does it take being 35, to realize these types of things. I wish I would have been this person at 25.  At 25 I was pregnant, learning the ropes of being married to a war returned veteran, and I was setting off from my home in Texas to Illinois, so yeah, I guess my mind wasn’t right then. My 30’s have been all about growth and progress, and I’m happy to share these years with you!

Cheers to evolving… flourishing. 🙂

Happy New Year!!!