Currently July

Currently: This July.

Currently {July 2016}

It’s time for another Currently post. I cannot believe that July is almost over. And as much as I want summer to last a little longer, I am ready for a new month.  I’m optimistic that August will bring about less sadness. Full disclosure: I did not post a Currently post for JUNE! June and July have been busy months for me. July is always a busy month for me. My family celebrates two birthdays this month, my two Mr. Julys. 🙂

Currently July

July has been an erratic month. At times I have felt very May-ish. This month has brought about so much heartache. Although I’m happy in my own life, my own safe little bubble, I cannot help but to feel bleak and fear for what surrounds me. My heart breaks for all of us. It seems like we’re in an ugly place, and I would love for us to escape.. NOW. Division is ugly.


Currently, I’ve been thinking a lot about our world (obviously). Well, I’ve been thinking about the people in this world. As of result of all the hate I’ve been dreaming of better days and peaceful understandings that our differences do not have to divide us.

In a world where you can be anything: BE KIND

And on a less serious note…

Currently, I’m considering dying my hair black. I know that may sound random to you, but I’m seriously considering it. What are your thoughts? I’m a freckle face gal with green eyes and olive skin. So, do you think it’ll work? Actually, I think it probably will, I’ve done it in the past. 🙂 HIGH SCHOOL FLASHBACK!! (My hair is actually a blue black in this picture or as I called it Veronica hair. Archie comics? My brother read them.)


Currently, I’m cooking up a storm with my family, which we’re loving. My family and I have been busy with cookbooks from the library finding new recipes to test. Lately, we kind of live at the library. 🙂

(Currently eating the shawarma my husband and I made using the recipe from An Edible Mosaic while I type this out. Multitasking my lunch like a boss! Are we still using like a boss? 🙂 )

Currently: Cooking

Seattle City of Literature is a book of essays from writers & bookshop owners around the Seattle area writing about the Seattle writing scene, past and present. As a result of reading this book, I think I may make it my mission to visit all the bookshops mentioned in the book.

Booking it 1

I haven’t started Finding Audrey yet, but I plan on starting it next. I’m totally loving Eating in the Middle! The author of the book, Andie Mitchell, lost over 100 pounds!! In the book she shares recipes that meet somewhere in the middle, healthy and tasty.


Currently, I’m thankful that I do not do Facebook. I’ve toned down my time on Twitter, since it’s getting ugly there too. Instagram isn’t too bad, so lately I’ve been hanging out there. I cannot lie though… sometimes I go down the rabbit hole of tweets on current events. I don’t know why, because most of the time I want to scream or cry. SIGH.


Currently and ALWAYS, I’m thankful for my tribe. 🙂 My tribe isn’t limited to my amazing family, it also extends to my amazing friends. 🙂 I love y’all!!

The other day ago I was a little grumpy. I’m not quite sure why, maybe it was all the news, crappy sleep, or just me. My youngest daughter wrote me a sweet little note (as she often does) that said: Momma, I’m sorry you’re not you’re happiest today. I will make you cookies. Love you so, so, so much. ? Instantly I was all better! I didn’t need cookies… love works just fine. ? I did get those cookies though, a few days later, but boy were they worth the wait! My girls make one helluva tag team in the kitchen. •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••Today’s prompt for #CreativeMomLife, hosted by @linkouture & I, is DRINK. ☕️ Coffee & Cookies ?

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Currently, I’m excited for the #SPBoxSwap link up!! It’s almost time!! If you like swap reveals just as much as I do, check back on Friday. 🙂Sweet Progress Button FinalCurrently, besides worrying, reading, cooking, and doodling, I’ve been late night binge watching. WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL ME I WOULD LOVE GAME OF THRONES?!?!? It has taken me forever to join my Sun and Stars, but we are finally watching GOT together. He has been watching for around two years (I think), he’s all caught up and I’m just getting started, but I’m sure it won’t take me too long.

I’ve heard so much about the show from him, social media, and television, but Leslie Jones and Seth Meyers totally peeked my interest. (Can Leslie and Seth have a show, please?) 😀 Furthermore, in regard to Leslie Jones, the hate that has been spewed toward her on Twitter is not cool. I cannot comprehend that kind of hate, especially against a person who makes PEOPLE LAUGH!! Wishing her nothing but love. <3

We binged watched season one of Mr. Robot and I’m hooked! WOW!


I most note that I believe these two shows are well written. I’m in awe of the writing, I’m constantly saying that was good, my kudos to the writers. Even though, I’m usually all about happy and funny television- especially before bed- these two shows are too awesome to miss. Confession: Yes, I cover my eyes during the gory parts of Game of Thrones- no shame. 😀


Currently, I’m planning ahead. My blog has been quite sparse lately, therefore I hope to remedy that by not only planing, but doing. I’m also currently anxiously awaiting sharing something I’m thrilled about. 🙂

So, what’s up with you currently?



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15 thoughts on “Currently: This July.”

  1. Informative report on your life that’s fun to read. I’ve been watching GoT since the beginning. I love seeing strong female characters. Even better when they have dragons!

    1. Yes! I’m loving that the women in the show are growing stronger. I’m only in season 3, but I have a feeling I’ll be caught up in no time. 🙂

    1. I love shawarma! I had chicken shawarma, but we also made lamb too.
      You and I share so much in common. 😀 The whole reason I never gave the show a chance was because I figured I’d cover my eyes the whole time. Sometimes the sounds are worse than the visual. I’m still team throw your hands in your face like you just don’t care. 🙂

    1. Thank you, I’m sincerely considering doing it… like this weekend. We’ll see, I may chicken out.
      Animal videos are always good for a good laugh. 🙂

  2. Do it, dye your hair black! (I actually dyed my hair black in college — twice. The first time it washed out, even though it was supposed to be permanent. The second time it lasted, but then I went to study abroad and I didn’t want to deal with it so I had to strip the color.)
    I think I need to watch Game of Thrones, I’m so behind the bandwagon!
    I hear ya on not wanting to be on social media — too much sadness & ugliness. But IG always remains pretty & upbeat 🙂

  3. I need to put the robot show on my watch list. I’ll get around to it some day.

    LOL, I still use like a boss. I’m glad you do too.

    I always wanted to dye my hair black but my hair stylist has talked me out of it at least four times.

    1. Mr. Robot is similar to The Fight Club, the main character is talking to you, to himself, in his head, and there was a brief minute where I thought I lost my mind.

      Yesss, we can be bosses together! 😉

      Oh my gosh with your eyes!! I think your eyes would POP with black hair. However, it is a tough color on the hair.

  4. I have a love/hate relationship with facebook. I find I spend entirely too much time on it but I have become addicted. Good for you for not falling into the facebook hole.
    I love black hair. Go for it!!

  5. We have two Julys here too! Scarlet is the 9th and I’m tomorrow!
    The world is scary right now. I keep telling myself that there are much more of us, ready to spread the light and love.
    And hmm.. about hair. What’s your natural color? I think you’d look gorgeous any which way. Personally I like purple.

  6. Ooooh. Try the dark hair. I’ve had it all my life and sometimes I’ve wondered what I would like like in a lighter hue. Love your photos. Love that you and your husband made shwarma together, too.

  7. Currently I’m wondering why I haven’t watched Mr. Robot and am searching for it now so I can see it for myself. I love your currently posts, your blog and well yeah you know. I wish I could embrace cooking the way you have. I have so much desire and so little skill…LOL Perhaps someday 🙂 Love Ya Girl!

    PS – I can’t wait to hear you news!!!

  8. Currently wondering how I missed this currently post and realizing how I need to get back to writing my own. Currently wondering if I need to be cooking because of Hurrican Hermine. Praying the weather doesn’t get too bad later and the power doesn’t go out.

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