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The Maze Runner #BookReview

Last week I forgot to post my daughter’s weekly post, instead I went swimming.  We swam, lunched, and lounged all day… we were unplugged.  She was totally cool with it 🙂 Happy Reading and Happy August!

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Hello, The Catcher In The Book, here 🙂

I’m so sorry for missing last week… but don’t worry I still have a few more last minute summer reviews, until… school.

This week I’m reviewing The Maze Runner. The Maze Runner is set to come out in theaters this September.

The Maze Runner Book Review


Thomas arrives in a place where he meets other boys, who like him, do not have any memory of the past. The boys call the unknown spot, the Glade each boy sleeps and works there, except the runners; the runners have their own work and a different set of problems in the Maze. When Thomas arrives he feels like he has been there before, he doesn’t tell anyone his concerns. After the arrival of Thomas, the very next day, a girl shows up, a girl has never shown up in the past. The other boys immediately think Thomas and the new girl have some connection. Soon that theory is proven, Thomas and Teresa discover an ability they share. Teresa and Thomas have a special power that the two of them use to communicate with each other. The Gladers have to escape, Teresa is the very last person the creators will send. Everyone needs to escape and hopefully survive. Sacrifices will be made to keep those you care for alive. But the biggest question is, do Teresa and Thomas conquer the creators ( creators are the scientist that placed the boys into the glade as a test) to keep each alive?

My Thougts:

This book is AWESOME!!! As I said earlier the movie will be out in theaters this year, so I would suggest reading the book before hand.  I love sci-fi…. a lot, which makes this the perfect book for a sci-fi nerd like me.  If I have one grip it’s that Dashner doesn’t allow the reader to completely paint his or her own picture. Some may say that’s a good thing, but I like to let my imagination do the work, that is probably why movies are usually a letdown. On the other hand Dashner’s story is awesome, which totally makes up for his overbearing commentary. I would recommend this book for the older crowd because there is violence and death.

This is definitely a must read! Happy summer reading!


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    1. My daughter agrees, but we (my husband & I) will have to see how far it goes before we let her watch..
      My husband let her watch Hunger Games, which I was a little bit on the fence about, even though she read the series. Ultimately, I was happy the two of them made Hunger Games their thing. They went to a double header Hunger Games showing when the newer one came out, last fall.

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