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My heart is filled with nothing but love.  Why? Well… 156 months or  678 weeks, okay 4,748 days to be exact, I became a Mrs. and added the K to A.O.  Most importantly, my best friend and I decided to become one together and never look back.  We were two young kids on a fantastic journey, we didn’t know it then, but we’d pick up a few stowaways along the way 🙂

Although,  the Mr. and I are NOT musicians, music has played a huge part in our marriage. Today, on OUR day, I would like to share a few of the songs that make-up the soundtrack of our life. We love music; we have YouTube battle nights. We try to one-up each other. The songs range from rock to rap 🙂 sometimes we get all lovey-dovey and play Love songs.

Our Soundtrack Side A

This was the song that was playing in my car the first time my honey hopped in my 1999 Cougar.

This is the song that was playing in his Toyota Corolla when he picked me up for our first official date.

This song was the first song we danced to & would later become our wedding song!

Yes, we did.

This song made more sense to us when we peered at our double-lined positive.

On our way to meet our precious daughter on a cold February night these two songs played…

We thought this one was a bit more fitting 🙂

The two of us still cannot hear this song without getting choked-up. We would play this song for our daughter all the time. One day our (infant) daughter was in her swing as this song played she swayed her arms as if she were playing the piano. We had to break out the camcorder because we knew no one would believe us if we didn’t show them.

My heart broke. I had to send my husband off to war, this song played on repeat

He came back! Life was good, a little too good 😉

We would rock our new baby girl to the Norah Jones CD

My love rewrote the words to this song to include our story and my name… I’d share it but I’d like to make it 14 years, so here’s the original 🙂

Although, not my favorite song, this song played bringing our son home from the hospital. We joked about how one day we would say this was the #1 song when he was brought home from the hospital.

This is the song he sings to me.

This is the song I sing to him, well, actually I sing to him a lot… any song honestly 🙂

Honorable mentions:

I love being in LOVE. Love you, babe!



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14 thoughts on “Our Soundtrack”

  1. I love Canon in D and I walked down the aisle to that SAME version! I looked high and low for what I wanted because there are a million versions.
    What a nice memory!

    1. We told our daughter we will play Canon in D at her wedding with pictures of her planing on a screen, and of course the air piano video….but honestly if we do I’ll probably cry my eyeballs out.

  2. So sweet! I love all of your songs and the memories with them. And “Let’s Get It On” for your wedding song…loooove. Happy Anniversary!!!

    1. We LOVE Outkast here 🙂 Who doesn’t love Mr. Andre 3000?
      And thank you; 13 years has passed SO fast, I’m a happy lucky lady.

  3. So happy for you all! Marriage is beautiful and I’m so happy you all can celebrate this milestone together. Thanks for sharing your love with us and your favorite tunes. 🙂

    1. Thanks, Brittnei! We’re happy to share our love & celebrate every milestone together, always. I hope you enjoyed our soundtrack

    1. Congrats on you six years of love! Cannon in D played at our wedding too, but that’s when guests were waiting for the wedding to start. We went with the traditional march… since Lets Get It On was our wedding song 🙂 I wish I would’ve played the Nothing Matters instrumental or All You Need is love instrumental 🙂

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