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My Promise #PromiseToBaby #Partner

*** This post is written by me, all opinions expressed are my own. The stories I share here are true, I do not fib, especially when it comes to my family.  I have long been a Johnson & Johnson supporter you can read my posts here. I’m happy to  support JOHNSON’S® Baby’s campaign “Your Promise is Our Promise”.  I am incredibly thankful that JOHNSON’S® Baby and Latina Bloggers Connect chose me to share this compensated campaign collaboration with you.***


I imagine daily, parents all around the world make promises to their children, they make them silently to themselves, in a journal, or out loud for all to hear.  I know I’ve made plenty of promises to my children; I intend to keep all 50 gazillion of them.  Because, as we say in our house, a promise is a promise.  If there is ever a way to fix a wrong and make it right, I will try my hardest to do that for them.  As a mother I promise to guide them, care for them, listen to them, teach them, and be there.  As a mother I want to promise to guard them from harm and take all the pain away…. but I can only do what is in my reach.  I’ve been reaching hard, with my elastic mommy arms.  I’ve been holding tight and stretching long for 12 years.  With each new thing I learn, I consume it and then I protect my family the best way I know how.  The minute I became pregnant with my first child, I became a worry warrior…. I never knew worry, until I saw my first ultrasound.

My Promise #PromiseToBaby

At that very moment I knew my ultimate promise would be to protect her.  I read countless books about babies and parenting, I devoured articles about baby safety and health, I began to work on my promises with her.

Promise 2 Babies

With each child I learned more and more, which lead me to keep promising to be the best and keep protecting them.  I eliminated canned foods, BPA, I purchased Baby Safe feeders (so they wouldn’t choke on solids), we opted for natural toothpaste, I chose organic even when the bank account was low…. I eliminated some of my beloved products because I didn’t care for their ingredients.

I was one of these Mamas in the new  “Our Promise” video asking for change….

Yes, I was one of the Mamas that just couldn’t use Johnson’s Baby products… even though I longed for that wonderful smell, I had known in the past.  I opted for  JOHNSON’S® Baby’s Natural line of baby products, as well as alternative natural products without dyes and other ingredients I could do without. JOHNSON’S® Baby heard us and they are promising, so moms don’t have to worry about the products they use on their little ones. The Your Promise is Our Promise campaign is an open letter to parents that JOHNSON’S® Baby heeded our thoughts; JOHNSON’S® Baby’s is changing their products because we asked.  Just like I promise to listen to my children, JOHNSON’S® Baby is listening to our concerns, and making it right.

Your Promise is OUR promise JOHNSON'S Baby

JOHNSON’S® Baby always listens to moms and although our products have always been safe, we took a stand and changed our formulas to give moms peace of mind

I appreciate the promise and commitment to babies and worry warrior Mamas. What do you think of  JOHNSON’S® Baby promise? Here’s the video’s link>> in the event you would like to share 😉

What are some of your promises?

All the best~

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14 thoughts on “My Promise #PromiseToBaby #Partner”

  1. That’s such a nice commercial! And a nice promise. I’m glad to hear because I stopped buying their products too and that made me sad. I went to college around their headquarters and a lot of friends went on to work for J&J.

    1. When becoming a mother I never imagined I would become such a ban-er. I have omitted SO many things from my childhood. I am questioned often by others, mainly family members. My short answer: insurance policy. I may seem like a lunatic to some, and that is fine, I do for my children not for anyone else. Hopefully, what I’m doing today will ensure tomorrow.

      Sometimes it’s hard to let go of things that hold fond memories, and to be completely honest, JOHNSON’S Baby was tough to let go of, but we did. I’m glad they have heard our pleads.

  2. I too want to have the best for my children… I’ve been hearing that spray suntan lotion is unsafe, too… that they can breath in unsafe chemicals and my children already have asthma. I love that J&J has taken the time to listen to mothers concerns. Great post!

    1. I can see how breathing in sunblock could be an irritant. My eldest daughter had eczema, allergies, and asthma, but with a few changes in our lives, she changed for the better… immensely. We cut out *certain* foods, sprays, and cleaners.
      I wish I knew then what I know now. Maybe, we wouldn’t have had to experience an asthma attack.
      I appreciate companies that are changing to reflect a healthier tomorrow for our babies.
      All the best-

  3. I have always loved the smell of the lavender baby wash and I used Johnson’s baby products with all of my kids because it was a long term name that I trusted. It alarmed me when I found out that their products contained chemicals and I am glad that they corrected that issue.

    1. Oh yes, the lavender nighttime baby wash smells heavenly & evokes fond memories for sure. I hated discontinuing J&J after already being a loyal user.. but I’m glad a change has been made!

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