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The Paper Nut loves The Paper Nut

It is not a secret around here that I’m slightly obsessed with paper.  It is one of the things my husband makes fun of me about.  He thinks it’s funny how I’m such an eco-conscious-nerd yet I cannot pass up cute paper or notebooks. Besides being slightly obsessed with paper, I’m also quite addicted to a little spot on the WWW called Pinterest, have you heard of it?

I kid, no, but seriously you’ve heard of it… right?  I’m not sure if I’ve met anyone who hasn’t, and if you haven’t… I’d love to corrupt invite you to the wonderful world of online hoarding. 

Well, during one of my Pinterest sessions I was debating on themes for my girls’ room.  I really, really, really wanted the girls to consider a mermaid room.  I picked color pallets, pillows, and then I saw  this……

I fell in LOVE with this print, and  all the other prints I saw from this whimsical Etsy shop, The Paper Nut. MermaidColorOptions from The Paper Nut  

Apparently, I wasn’t the only one loving-on this print because that pin is repined DAILY! Almost every time I check my Pinterest, there it is.  To me, it was like a sign.  I figured that sign was for me to reach out to the talented artist who created ‘the’ pin and share her work. I sent Jeanie an email and her reply was the sweetest, she thanked me for reaching out to her. I’m happy I reached out to Jeanie because well she just seems absolutely lovely, and her work is beautiful, too enchanting NOT to share. The Paper Nut  Do you mind telling us more about yourself as well as your style?

Being visual and creative has always been who I am. I’ve wanted to do everything from fine art to fashion design. I ultimately planned to go to fashion school in New York, but I stuck instead with the more practical option of a BFA in graphic design (I graduated from Brigham Young University in 2004). I worked at design firms for a few years after getting married, but with the arrival of my first child I became a stay-at-home mom and launched my Etsy shop. I don’t have nearly as much time as I’d like to spend on my work. Right now I have a very limited line of art prints, but I have ambitions to illustrate children’s books and design fabric. I have landed some licensing work with companies like Target and Hallmark, and I hope to produce a lot more work so I can continue with those opportunities.

Getting to know The Paper Nut + Giveaway

In the meantime, I spend hours every week dreaming up new ideas and staying inspired. I eat Pinterest for breakfast, and stay very motivated by what other artists and designers are creating. I specifically follow vintage modern and folk art, and the many contemporary talents who lean to that path. My father is an archaeologist, which may explain my long-time fondness for primitive forms. My other big inspiration is children. I have three little girls who adore being read to. My exposure to so many children’s book illustrations has a serious affect on my style.

The Paper Nut Interview and Giveaway

Right now I’m living in Spokane Valley, Washington, where we plan to stay. It keeps us close to family and it’s a nice balance of small-town and city. We have a modest life but a happy home. I try to involve my girls with my creativity as much as possible (they each have their own Pinterest boards and love adding finds to them). We spend way too much time making messes and not enough cleaning them up. Both my studio and their play area are in an unfinished basement. We continue to dream of a more glamorous life, but we have all the most important things. And I have found that my challenges have allowed me to make art prints that are more relevant and meaningful than they would otherwise have been. So far it hasn’t been a lucrative enterprise, but there is a lot of personal connection to the people who buy my work. That’s something a lot of big-time creators never get to experience. linesBesides being a fabulous artist Jeanie seems like such a F-U-N Mama! I would have loved growing-up playing in my mom’s creative space, creating with her, and PINNING with her!! I’m quite sure Jeanie and I are both on the same diet– Pinterest for breakfast? Yes! I would absolutely APPRECIATE if you would visit Jeanie’s shop The Paper Nut.  If you see something you like, I’d love for you to support Jeanie’s work. Remember how I told you Jeanie was kind and lovely? Jeanie is sharing some kindness with you! She’s giving away an 8×10 print to one lucky winner.   Mrs. AOK, A Work In Progress: The Paper Nut Giveaway #Etsy #Art #Giveaway  

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10 thoughts on “The Paper Nut loves The Paper Nut”

  1. I like the X10″ ballerina mother and daughter giclee print on fine art paper. light blue, muted teal, orange red redhead caucasian.

  2. What a cool interview! I love creative people, I feed off of their energy. But not like a vampire, more like a moth to light. Yikes- just referred to myself as a month. #newlow

    1. I agree, I too can be moth-like when I’m inspired by other creative minds. It’s refreshing, you want to go use your hands or your mind and DO SOMETHING.
      Moth-on mama!

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