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Simple Squishy Long Lasting Play Dough Recipe

When the kids are home for the summer, besides playing outside and having beach time, we love to create.  I love to see my kids create!  I pull out the paints, crayons, color pencils, glue, yarn, rainbow looms, and play dough, then watch them go.  It is always fun to see what their beautiful little minds come up with.


Over the past few weeks, we’ve been making different play doughs. I shared a simple 2 ingredient recipe over at MrsTee’s.  Today, I’m sharing another simple recipe with a few more ingredients.

Simple Squishy Long Lasting Play Dough Ingredients


In a large pot dump all of your ingredients, including the food coloring (we made three separate batches) and mix over medium/low heat.  Make sure to keep stirring until the mixture creates a ball. On parchment paper, or foil in my case, I was all out of parchment, let the dough cool before you stick your hands in.


Once the dough was cooled down enough I kneaded the dough before handing over to the kiddos.  Now, it is time to turn it over to those beautifully creative little minds and watch imagination at play.

play time 2Although, the play dough is perfect as is, we decided to make our play dough sparkly!

We wanted to go for the “Frozen” feel 🙂

Homemade Sparkle Play DoughWe added: Shaved Ice glitter and extra fine glitter to give us this fantastic sparkly play dough.

Simple Squishy Sparkly Play Dough

When the kiddos were done playing with their new play dough, we packed it all up in old Play-Doh containers. Here is the homemade play dough a few weeks later, still squishy!

Homemade Squishy Play Dough

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14 thoughts on “Simple Squishy Long Lasting Play Dough Recipe”

  1. I love the sparkles and glitter! My mom used to make it for us as a kid, with much less fun additives, and I can still remember that smell so well!

    1. The smell, who could forget the smell? I hope my babies will remember these times with warmth & accompanied by happy scents.
      Everything is better with glitter <3

  2. I love homemade play dough recipes! Can’t wait to try this one out. Love the ice effect too. I wonder if it would be really messy if I added glitter.

    1. You & your sweetie will have a blast! If YOU add the glitter in and knead everything in well, there shouldn’t be a mess 🙂 I tried to add the glitter myself…. they weren’t having it…
      They poured & poured 🙂

    1. It’ll happen soon, one day it just sneaks up on you. You’ll be in the kitchen crafting wondering… when did this happen little one 🙂

      I’ve seen edible homemade play dough.

    1. I’m a big kid, I cannot help myself. I play with the play dough, I *may* take over the kids’ rainbow looms & I might’ve played dodge ball in the house before the kiddos’ bedtime….

  3. Since I learned how to make play doh (thank you Pinterest) my kids have been asking me to make new batches each week. Next time we’re definitely adding sparkles and glitters!

    1. Isn’t Pinterest a lifesaver! I remember my mom making play dough for us when I was little, I remember the smell & the taste 😀 yes, I couldn’t help myself I *had* to taste. If you were wondering it was super salty.
      I hope you & your babies have fun with glitter.

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