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Super Easy Last Minute #DIY Halloween Costume

Have you figured out I LOVE Halloween!?! It’s quite possible I get more excited about Halloween than my babies. Last year, I started to think about what “we” would dress up like this year.



I do love a good themed Halloween. This year we were supposed  to all go as The Peanuts gang, BUT two out of three kiddos didn’t want to 🙁  The girls wanted to do their own thing, but our boy still wanted to stick with the original plan 🙂  This year he will be Charlie Brown, again, but this time he will be “ghost” Charlie Brown, OR as we like to call it I-Got-A-Rock-Charlie-Brown 😉

Charlie Brown, Lady Liberty, and the Bumble Bee 2011

Super Easy Last Minute DIY Charlie Brown Ghost|DY|Halloween|Last Minute

The costume is crazy easy to make AND cheap!  All you need is white fabric, I purchased two yards for about $6, a sheet of black felt, scissors, black Sharpie marker, white chalk, hot glue sticks, and hot glue gun.  *optional safety pins and a beanie.

Super Easy Last Minute DIY Halloween Costume: Charlie Brown Ghost Costume

I made ovalish-circles using white chalk on the black felt, I had my littles cut them out, which I think really gave it a Charlie Brown touch ;). I took the fabric and placed it over my son marking where I needed to cut out the eyes.  I then cut out the eyes, and went around the eyes-holes with a black Sharpie. Once the eye situation is figured out… IT’S HOT GLUE GUN TIME!!


Hot glue the felt circles in random spots, just like Charlie Brown placed his circles, don’t forget to put one on top of the head. To keep the costume in place I safety-pinned the fabric under the arms discreetly. I also put a beanie on my son to keep the costume in place.  That’s it– done!

I got a rock! Last minute DIY Halloween Costume|Charlie Brown|DIY

We were unsure if people would know who my son was dressed up as, and then we were reassured that DUH, Charlie Brown is a Halloween icon. We went to North Charleston’s Harvest Festival and heard this repeatedly: “Look it’s Charlie Brown” and “I got a rock!”  However, the cutest thing was when a little boy dressed up as a cowboy, walked over to my son and said (in character), “I really like your costume.”

What was your favorite Halloween Costume when you were a kid?

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6 thoughts on “Super Easy Last Minute #DIY Halloween Costume”

    1. Thanks, Jessica. We watch The Great Pumpkin every year, my husband and I started that tradition before we even had the babies 🙂
      I hope the boys has a Happy Halloween!

    1. Thank you, Tamara 🙂
      I’m glad people “got it” there were a few people who thought he was a “scary ghost”… scary?

  1. Aww, such a cute idea! My kids watch It’s The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown every year and I’ve never thought of creating a costume from it. You’re kids look adorable! xoxo

    1. Thank you, Chastity. This was probably one of the easiest costumes EVER. We love watching It’s The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown, every year while we carve our pumpkins.

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