Thank You Notes| It's FRIDAY, time for thank you notes!

Thank You Notes: Smells Like Halloween Spirit & This Week’s Politics

I love Fridays, I love thank you notes, and I love Jimmy Fallon’s Thank You Notes, so, naturally, Friday here on my blog means:


Jimmy’s Thank You Notes


Poor pumpkin.

LOL at Tom Brady’s lesson. 😀

Thank You Notes

I was running a bit behind, so I thought if you guys wouldn’t mind, I’d write out my weekly thank you notes. Do y’all mind?

Thank You Notes| It's FRIDAY, time for thank you notes!

Thank you, Mother Nature, for reminding us once again… you’re bigger than us. :::SIDE EYE:::

I hope you are okay in your neck of the woods. It’s our turn for the bad weather. On today’s list: buy candles (it wouldn’t hurt if they smelled like pumpkin).

Thank you, week, for being over. I mean seriously, how much more hypocrisy and nastiness can one week hold?


Thank you, Boys and Girls Club, for your hilarious joke. So, you wanted to weigh in on the family divide and punish my boy and I???

This season I proudly cheer for the Steelers… only on the flag football field. 🙂

Thank you, local radio station, for playing Smashing Pumpkins and The Cranberries since the start of fall. Somebody is gearing up for Halloween? Thanksgiving?

Thank you, Michelle!!

My husband's new friend, Michelle, has style. She actually styled me! I'm not jealous of her, at all, I'm actually quite fond of her. She's my... stylist!! That felt really fancy to write. I'm not fancy at all, but Stitch Fix has me feeling all fancy. Check out my FALL fix.

Thank you, people who say I’ve had a sh*tty day, for not following up with “figuratively”. Have a dog? That’s when you know what a real sh*tty day looks like, literally. Well, at least when the cleanup bag decides to rip open on you.

Thank you, costume makers, for making stuff even more weird.

So, how was your week? Tell me something good. 🙂

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11 thoughts on “Thank You Notes: Smells Like Halloween Spirit & This Week’s Politics”

  1. Hello! I’m one of those people that will be just too glad when the elections end. I’ve tried very hard not to discuss politics with family and friends because I know it would get ugly, so I’m not going there. Since I’ve been old enough to somewhat understand politics this is the first time I’ve seen people take things so personally.
    I pick up after my dog but the poop bag has never broken. I guess that’s big dog owner’s problems. Ha, ha!
    I’m happy this week is over. Sorry I couldn’t tell you anything good. 🙂 xx

    1. This election has been so impassioned. It has definitely touched my life, it totally brought things to the surface that had always been there between certain people. So, the divide is real. 🙁

      My guy isn’t too big, but I must’ve had the weakest bag in the world. I’m sure my neighbors had a good laugh. 😀
      You visiting and sharing your thoughts with me is good enough! I totally appreciate your company!!

  2. Something good….the leaves are changing colors here in Boston and it’s gorgeous and fall and leggings-and-tunic weather 🙂 (Well, that’s at least what’s making me happy and on my list of thank-yous!)
    Just read a reference to the storm out there — hope you are all ok!

  3. Zombie! That was a favorite song of mine. I heard it on Sirius recently and I was so happy.
    Pumpkin candles for all.
    As for the political memes, oh man. I think this election is causing divorces! And it’s harder to pick up the pieces when disagreeing. Especially when one candidate.. well.. it’s hard to.. rationalize anyone voting for that person.

    1. Zombie was a favorite of mine too. I always get all excited when I hear the Cranberries or Smashing Pumpkins. 🙂 Some of my 90’s favorites.
      I’m with you on that one, sister!

  4. Thanks for posting the dancing pumpkin. My daughter just got a good laugh at watching it. I’ll be so happy when this election cycle ends too. Well, only if it means four years without hearing about DT on a daily basis.

    1. HAHAHA!! I’m glad your sweet daughter enjoyed the dancing pumpkin. 🙂
      I just CANNOT wait for it to be all over. I don’t think we’re going to not hear about DT. If he doesn’t win he’ll want to recount… go to court. Also, I hear he’s in the works for a new news channel. Sooooo…..

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