TWSS: The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. Eleanor Roosevelt |Quote| Women's Words| Linkup| Blog Prompt| Writers wanted
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That’s What She Said: In Your Dreams #TWSS

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TWSS: The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. Eleanor Roosevelt |Quote| Women's Words| Linkup| Blog Prompt| Writers wanted

Have you ever seen the movie, Field of Dreams?

I have seen the movie quite a few times, it is one of my husband’s favorite movies. Ray (played by Kevin Costner),  hears a voice in his Iowa cornfield that whispers, “If you build it, he will come.” Ray, interprets this message as he must build a baseball field. HE PLOWS DOWN HIS CORNFIELD, TO BUILD A BASEBALL DIAMOND. He is a FARMER. UGH… I am not sure I could do that, I’m not sure I could plow down my family’s livelihood, to go on a hunch. But you know what he did… he believed. He took a freakin’ leap of faith! The faith that lies within us to believe in… us. I have noticed, as we get older freakin’ fear outweighs freakin’ faith. It’s true, right? We have to see things {now} before we step. We have to dot the i’s, cross the t’s, and balance the books. WHY!?!


Adult. It’s a symptom many of us have. It’s the thing that tells us what we should do, how we should do it, and why. It’s all serious, and uptight. Don’t get me wrong, adult is good. “Adult” gets the bills paid, the kids fed, and the house in order. BUT, sometimes it dulls the magic we once held. Believing is seeing… double ugh! Nooooooo- I want to believe, I want to imagine my dreams SO HARD that they come true. I know, I know, imagining is NOT going to make dreams happen- work is. See, you thought you out adult’ed me, but I got you… I’m an adult too. 🙂

My husband and I have SO MANY dreams. We will spend late nights and early mornings talking about our dreams. There are many things we would rather do than what we have to do. There are different places we would rather be than where we are (geographically). Our dreams always include our crew, the words “party of five” have never been sweeter. My husband and I took a different path than many people our age have: we got married young, had our babies young, and now our decisions aren’t just ours, we have to consider them. And although considering them, the loves of our lives, we also cannot give up on us… and our dreams. So, we’re still dream chasing, we may take baby steps, but we see the beauty.

Right now, the beauty, is showing the babies, that dreams can be chased down no matter how big or small, or how old you are. My kids have seen me chase and achieve things, but there is still more to come. The future is ours. 🙂

There is beauty in your dreams, don’t give up!!

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20 thoughts on “That’s What She Said: In Your Dreams #TWSS”

  1. Oh I have so many days where there are things I wish I could be doing instead of what I “should” be doing. It’s nice to have Eve’s nap time to do the things that I both want to do and are what I am “supposed” to do. Sometimes it’s hard to be adult. All those responsibilities! But I do love being able to at least work on some of my dreams 🙂

    1. Nap time can be magic, you can get so many things done (sometimes) during nap time. I think you are doing good on the working on your dreams part, eh hem… and I couldn’t be more happier for you!

  2. I don’t want to adult today, I love that!! Being an adult can get in the way; the hustle and bustle of life can get in the way. Matt and I, like you and Michael treasure our late nights and early mornings. When it’s just the two of us, when we can imagine and talk and what if until we are blue in the face. I think that’s half the battle. Playing the game what if; it makes the boring adult stuff fun and exciting. It allows you to dream and plan for the unknown.

    PS: we both ended our posts the same way!! *insert twin emoji*

    1. Sometimes… we let the kids join in on our “what ifs”- I always wonder if that’s okay to do, like are they getting their hopes up for something that may never happen. However, it’s fun and makes for great dinner and weekend brunch conversation. The what if game has come true in some ways, so I guess we’ll keep playing…. I’d like a power up. 🙂

      *Of course we did! #BBFLikeWhat #HighFive

  3. Oh My God… I absolutely love the movie “Field Of Dreams” one of my childhood favourites!!
    hahaha didn’t we have it so much easier as children but hey look at where we have taken ourselves, look how much we have accomplished and have to be proud of!! I love being an Adult, no matter how exhausting lol

    1. Being an adult does have it’s perks. 🙂 There’s the whole I can eat cookies whenever I want thing. 😀 As well as the Mommy thing… I love that.

  4. I’ve only seen Field of Dreams once but I loved it! We talk about our dreams a lot too. We used to talk about them more and then real life smacked us in the face, but I know we both still believe. And sometimes I see it coming closer and I know it’s inevitable. All those travel and career dreams.

  5. Oh isn’t this the truth. Being an “Adult” is a must, and one that sometimes sucks the life/dreams right out of you.

    Then I stop and I look at my daughters and wish and dream that I have what they have. I realize quickly that I do have it, I just have to dig it out.

    I put aside time to do it now….. We are going to Disney this year, and I will so be doing it then!!!!


    1. I think that is one of the beauties of having children we get see their dreams through our eyes, our eyes that may have wanted those same dreams. To see them achieve those dreams is the best!
      However, we cannot let go of our dreams, parents can dream chase too.
      I cannot wait to hear all about Disney! Y’all are going to have FUN! I cannot wait to go back again.

  6. Field of Dreams is a great movie!!!! Our dreams change as we grow…I used to dream of having ten kids and living in a mansion. Now I dream of a restful sleep, correctly budgeting my money till the end of each pay period, and not losing my mind. I do still dream of going to Italy one day with my hubby…but that is soooooo far off.

    1. My dreams were conflicting: I wanted to be a business woman in the city working for a magazine company, but I also wanted a farm and five kids. I guess I met somewhere in the middle. 🙂
      I’m with you on the Italy dream!! I think we can both achieve that in due time.

    1. I agree sometimes being an adult is tough! I do miss the simpler days, but I do love my days… does that make sense?
      Thanks for the sweet comment!

  7. You are setting a great example by showing your little ones that you are never giving up on your dreams. They need cared for of course, but it is great for children to see the adults in their lives fulfilled too. Thanks for sharing.

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