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This Month’s Quote:


This month, September, happens to be my birthday month, which also means it’s a month of reflection for me. C’mon I’m not the only one who gets all sentimental during birthday month, right?  This month’s That’s What She Said quote, is the perfect quote for this 30-something gal.  After all, this blog is the evolution of me, the good, the bad, and the wonderfully beautiful.  I’m working my way through life trying to progress toward the best me I can be, placing my footprint deep into the soil with kindness and love, and the occasional twitter rant 🙂

Trust me I have come a looooooooog way, nevertheless I have much more to achieve.

The Good in Others

In the past, I let other’s pessimism taint me.  (I’m not proud of it, but it’s true.)  When you constantly hear negativity you begin to believe negatively.  20-something me would see the negative in people before I could allow myself to see the good.  Trust me I can still see when a person isn’t good, but I like to look for the good before proceeding on with my snap judgment.  It’s hard to be open to the idea that most people are good especially when there is a great deal of ugly in our world, but truly there is bountiful beauty and loving hearts surrounding us, we just need to open our own hearts.  Love is always revealed 

Speaking Words of Kindness

Mixed drinks accompanied by a chip the size of a boulder on my shoulder sometimes made me the ugliest person, I’ll admit it.  I have always been a lover, giver, and nurturer BUT there was this other side of me, let’s call her “Club Dean”  she had my dad’s torrid temper… no bueno.  I thought I was such a chingona {translation: bad ass}. However, that chingona 10 hours earlier was giving her lunch to the homeless on her way to work, but for some reason or another she got all HULK SMASH if someone bumped into her later on that night.  :::sigh:::

I’m not sure if it was motherhood, age, or maybe it was all the love I was receiving, but I changed.  I apologized to people I felt I was ugly to in the past, I asked for forgiveness, and moved on, happier.  However, as much as I try to speak only kindness, I’m human, but for the most part I embrace kindness 🙂  I am no longer angry or looking for fights.  Actually, I moved away from the drama, and thankfully I can say I’ve been drama-free for over a decade!  My days are filled with Hellos, I Love Yous, and How Are You Doing….

I make an energetic effort to talk to random strangers.  Yes, I do.  I will make sure if I ask someone, “How are you?” I listen!  We. Are. All. Going. Through. Our. Own Personal. Struggles.  Why not say hello? Why not ask, “How are you doing?” Or share a compliment?  I’ve become a serial compliment-giver, if I like someone’s shirt, child’s behavior, or hairstyle I let them know… I mean what do I have to lose?  Those little things bring big smiles, I’m all for smiles 🙂 {notice my vexatious use of the smile emoji?}  Back-in-the-day-Dean did these small gestures as well, but she certainly could have done more.

My Poise, My Posse. 

My posse, these people keep me strong.  I walk tall in the love that I am swaddled in, knowing their love is always there keeps my shoulders back and head held high.  I’m still a bit insecure, maybe I’ll finally tackle that in my 40’s but I can tell you this; I’m SO much happier in my 30’s, I’m more sure of me, and I love myself.  That was weird to type out, but it’s true.  I love who I’m becoming, and boy do I love my little legacies who I hope will always carry on my thoughts on love, compassion, and acceptance…




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12 thoughts on “That’s What She Said #Linkup”

  1. I’d say overall I’m happier in my 30s than my 20s as well (granted, I’m only 2 years into it!). It sounds like you have made a lot of positive changes as you have gotten older. One of the hardest things we can do is look at ourselves and see the changes that we need to make–I know there are changes I need to make in myself, and it is slow moving, but I hope to move in a more positive direction. Thanks for sharing! (And I’m a September baby also!)

    1. Happy Birthday Month!! Libra or Virgo?
      To be 100% honest, I was afraid to hit publish, I thought people would think I was a mega bitch. I wasn’t. I just had moments of I guess…rage? Hot Headiness?
      I’m proud of myself, I’ve made great strides, with more to come.
      Cheers to our progression, we’ll get there, together, 30somethings Libras?

    1. Thanks, Heather! I cannot wait to see what you linkup 🙂
      Happy Birthday month to you, virgo or libra? I’m 30th, Libra ♡

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