It's the most wonderful time of the year!! I'm talking holiday cheer, time, and my husband's favorite JORD wood watches. They make the top of the list for gifts for him. Come on over and see why and don't forget to get your promo while you're here.
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It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

*I received a free wooden watch from JORD in exchange for writing this post on my blog.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, right? Of course it is. It’s crazy that I am talking time, me, the lady who has consistently struggled with it lately. There are days where I feel like all I do is stare at the time ticking by as I scurry to hold on tight. It is all passing by too fast. However, as much as I am continually gobsmacked at how fast time is slippin’ slippin’ into the future, I am wildly excited for this time of year, even if it came faster than I was ready for.

Its' the most wonderful time of the year for gift giving! This JORD watch for him is stunning. Plus I'm sharing a PROMO CODE just for my readers. :) JORD

Christmas Time is Here Happiness and Cheer

Bring on the cheer, the holiday magic, the twinkly lights, all the Christmas music, latkes, and the childhood glee that breathes life back into me. I know this time of year can be stressful, but I NEED the cheer right now, the bright lights… the jubilant bliss! Things have been murky lately, well, almost all of 2017, actually. And for that reason, I welcome this season with open arms.


Do you follow me on Instagram? If you are not, chop, chop, get to it. Did you see my Instagram story where I decorated my daughter’s room for her birthday? My youngest daughter is my very own real life Christmas elf. She loves all things Christmas, so each year I decorate her room Christmassy. This year the task of being mama elf garnered an immense feeling of hope for more cheery times. I’m pumped for it all. I’ve already purchased a few things for our Christmas countdown and I am ready to talk holiday gifts and gift guides!! I hope you’re ready too.

Let’s Rewind the Hands of Time to that Time When I Talked about Our Move and JORD

This summer I moved from Washington (state) to Illinois. Before I moved I announced the move on my blog and I shared the tradition my husband and I have with every new job or promotion. If you missed the post about our move and our watch tradition you can check it out here. What you missed in that post: my husband got a new job within his company and to celebrate my friends at JORD helped us keep our watch tradition. My husband received a stunning JORD Dover Koa & Black Wood Watch.

Stunning, right? My husband is absolutely in love with his watch. Wherever he goes (because sometimes his new job takes him places) he gets tons of compliments and no lie people will ask to take a picture of his watch.

It’s Gifting Time and JORD Makes the Top of the Good List

Because his watch is such a big hit with him, with strangers, with ME- JORD makes my list for one of the best gifts for him. 🙂 There’s a gift guide coming, but I thought JORD needed a little extra love. Besides the beauty of this watch, we love that the watch is versatile my husband is able to wear his watch with jeans and tees or suites and ties. The unique wood makes it a conversation piece because not many people own wood watches, but they should, because hello, look at this beauty.

Gifts for him: Conway Kosso and Midnight Blue JORD watch. Promo code.

This is my husband’s new baby, his Conway Kosso and Midnight Blue JORD wooden watch.It’s absolutely gorgeous!

A little more about the Conway Kosso and Midnight Blue Jord Chronograph Watch:

  • sapphire crystal glass
  • luminescent hands
  • deployment buckle with push buttons
  • screw-down crown
  • case width: 42mm
  • case thickness: 12mm
  • lug ends: 49mm
  • band thickness: 20mm
  • band length: 161mm
  • bonus: cleaning can be done with lemon or orange oil extract


Even the packaging is perfection.

JORD Wooden Watches for him and her. I'm sharing a promo code just in time for the holidays!! :)

Gifts for him: JORD Conway Kosso and Midnight Blue Wooden Watch | Gifts for him | Wooden Watch | Unique Watch | Style | Mens Fashion |

I hope to build my husband a collection of these wonderful pieces. There is a mega sale going on right now, so who knows….

I have to say I’m kind of jealous of my babe. But hey, JORD makes wood watches for women too! 😉


 Don’t miss out on the BLACK FRIDAY SECRET DEALS!!! This sale won’t last long- ends 11/27

JORD Black Friday SECRET DEAL PAGE!! Click here for the best savings on these unique wood watches for him or her

Wooden Wristwatch

{Day 7 Blogmas: Gifts} Is finding unique gifts for your creative lady friends a little difficult? I'm sharing a few fun and inspiring gifts to give to your creative lady friends.
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A Gift Guide For Creative Ladies

*This post contains affiliate links. These links cost nothing to you, but do help me pay for this blog and coffee. ?

A Gift Guide For Creative Ladies

It’s Day 7 of 12 Days of Blogmas and we’re talking GIFTS! Today I’m sharing a gift guide for creative ladies.

Merry Blogmas! Day 7 Gift Guide {12 Days, 12 Blogs + 1 Huge Giveaway}

All The Creative Ladies, All The Creative Ladies

Believe it or not if you’re a creative or your know a creative lady, we’re in the same boat as The Queen B herself. 🙂 That’s right, we create, defy, and we slay all day. If only we could say we were making bank like Beyonce. 🙂 Anyway, this summer I was happy when Fast Company had an article about what creatives/business owners could learn from Beyonce. Fast Company always has such great articles that totally relate to creatives, that’s why Fast Company is one of my number one picks for creatives.

One of my top picks for creatives.

I  pulled together a few goodies that would make the perfect gifts for your favorite creative lady friends (and you too, you creative, you) to slay all day.

If You Like It Put a Bow On It


{Day 7 Blogmas: Gifts} Is finding unique gifts for your creative lady friends a little difficult? I'm sharing a few fun and inspiring gifts to give to your creative lady friends.

If You Like It Put a Bow On It

I can’t speak for all creatives, I can only speak for myself, but I NEED organization and lists to keep me in check. This year things got better for me because I became more of a planner. I can no longer live without a planner. I’m in love with this Erin Condren Planner

Gifts for creative ladies: Erin Condren PlannerWhat creative wouldn’t love to create their own phone case?  I have created two cases using CaseApp, and they are the best. The case I created this time around has a quote that will remind me to just keeping being me.

A Gift Guide for Creatives: CaseApp

The Case of Loving a Creative| When you love a creative and a creative giveaway with Case App| Mrs. AOK, A Work In Progress

This Hashtag Mug is awesome! It is also helpful to keep your Instagram hashtag game strong. 🙂

Gift Guide for Creative Ladies: Hashtag mug

Everyone can use this reminder while they tote around all their goodies.

Gift Guide for Creatives: tote

Ladies!! We all need this shirt. Let’s go conquer.

Gift guide for creative ladies: the perfect shirt

Starbucks gift cards are always a good idea, because who doesn’t need a little coffee or tea to create all the things?

Gift guide for creative ladies: Starbucks gift cards

Paper Mate Ink Joy Pens ARE A FEW OF MY FAVORITE THINGS. These are the most vibrant and smoothest pens.

Gift guide for creative ladies: pens

Okay, a little self promotion, because that’s what we do. We promote our work, right? I think this print should be in every woman’s office or little girl’s room.

Gift guide for creative ladies: printable print from TWSS Quote Shop

Big Magic is THE book for creatives. I put this book on hold as soon as it came out and my library still hasn’t contacted me. Thankfully, I was gifted my own copy. However, before I got my hands on my own copy I was binging on Elizabeth Gilbert’s Magic Lessons podcasts.

Gift Guide for Creative Ladies: Big Magic



What’s on your list?


{Day 7 Blogmas: Gifts} Is finding unique gifts for your creative lady friends a little difficult? I'm sharing a few fun and inspiring gifts to give to your creative lady friends.

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Thank you to all of our sponsors! Over 800 in prizes plus $150 in Paypal Cash

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Day 5?

Merry Blogmas! Day 2 Holiday Bucket List {12 Days, 12 Blogs + 1 Huge Giveaway}


It' Day 2 of 12 Days of Blogmas!! Today I'm sharing a gift guide for EVERYONE.
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A Gift Guide for EVERYONE!! {Day 3 of Blogmas}

*This post contains affiliate links. These links cost nothing to you, but do help me pay for this blog and coffee. 🙂

Day 3 Gift Guide

Today is Day 3 of 12 Days of Blogmas and we’re sharing gift guides!! Hold up, did you catch Day 1 and 2Anyway, back to the gift guide. I put together a gift guide for EVERYONE. 🙂 I hope you enjoy.


You get a gift, you get a gift…

Everyone gets a gift!!! 🙂

You get a gift, you get a gift, EVERYONE GETS A GIFT in this year's gift guide. :)


Ladies first…

For Her

Day 3 of 12 Days of Blogmas: A Gift Guide For Everyone!! {For Her}

  • It’s not a secret, I’m totally in love with all of Shelly’s designs. She nailed it with this choker. Chokers are back!!! Happy 90’s running man dance. 🙂
  • STITCH FIX! I have had two “fixes” and I’m a fan. My fall fix was EVERYTHING. Check it out for youself here. Anyway, Stitch Fix has gift cards!!
  • Let it snow, let it snow, let it JON SNOW!! If your girl is a GoT lover this shirt SHOULD be in her closet. WINK WINK 😉
  • My girl Bev makes the most beautiful hammered sterling silver jewelry. I have a similar pair of earrings that she made and they get all sorts of love when I wear them.
  • Fitbits are cool, but sometimes you want to look a little fancy and that chunky plastic band isn’t cutting it. BUT this silver rose gold metal band does the trick. 🙂

For Him

Day 3 of 12 Days of Blogmas: A Gift Guide For Everyone!! {For Him}

  • The NFL Ugly Sweater Socks  are the perfect pair of socks for your NFL loving man (or woman… I actually own a pair). My family has a thing for socks.

  • These Captain Morgan tall glasses are the coolest! They are handmade and awesome, need I say more?
  • My husband is obsessive about his Fitbit, and I know he would love the new Fitbit Blaze. I’m not sure if he’s getting it this year, but it’s on the list for sure.
  • Stitch Fix! What!?!? Yes, you read that right. Stitch Fix is for the fellas now, too.

For Kids

Day 3 of 12 Days of Blogmas: A Gift Guide For Everyone!! {kids}


  • LEGO bricks,  although painful to step on, are the perfect toys to have in the home. Kids can spend hours building and creating new things. They can use what’s that thing called…. their imagination! I love ’em. This super cute DIY LEGO Ornament  is perfect for the holidays.
  • My son loves fact books. He is my phone-a-friend. I’m quite sure this 5000Awesome Facts (About Everything) book would make the perfect addition to a fact lover’s collection.
  • It’s been a while since the last Diary of Wimpy Kid, so the new Diary of a Wimpy Kid #11 Double Down has been an anticipated new read kids will surely love. Who doesn’t love Greg Heffley?
  • ALEX Toys DIY Ceramic Mug Kit is the perfect gift for the kid who loves art and hot cocoa. eh hem… 🙂
  • HARRY. POTTER. Did you just read that with excitement or like Voldemort? However you read it, this Harry Potter Charm bracelet is too cute not to consider for the Harry Potter fan in your life.


For Teens

A Gift Guide for EVERYONE!! {For Teens}

  • Who wouldn’t love this Support Your Local Girl Gang tote to carry their books?
  • After I left high school I thought that was it, I’m done with that. Why would I ever need to hangout at a high school ever again? “Well, Dean, one day your babies grow up and even though you’re not ready for it, they do, so buck up.” Yup.  Since I’ve been at the high school quite a bit, a few things are evident: teens love phones and they love earphones. So yeah, iBeats by Dre are kind of a thing. Totally. I mean… literally. 😀
  • This Stranger Things sweatshirt is BRILLIANT! Will? Are you there?
  • This is the stage in kids’ lives where they would like to pick out things for themselves, so a gift card is perfect. Trust me, I asked a teen (and I was a teen). 😉
  • STICKERS! You never grow out of stickers especially when you can customize them yourself with StickerApp.


For their Teachers

A gift guide for everyone!! {Teachers gifts}

This Week's Coupon at

For Their Grandparents

Gift Guide for everyone! {grandparents}


Day 3 of 12 Days of Blogmas!! I'm sharing a holiday guide for everyone on your list. {hostess gifts}

So there you have it folks my 2016 Gift Guide for EVERYONE! I have another gift guide coming up next week for the creative ladies.

It's Day 3 of 12 Days of Blogmas. Today, I'm sharing a gift guide for EVERYONE!
What’s on your wish list?


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Meet the 12 Days of Blogmas bloggers: We're sharing 12 Days of holiday cheer and one HUGE giveaway you don't want to miss!! ;)


Don’t forget to enter the giveaway!!

We're making it rein! :D Get it... Anyway, we're giving away over $800 in prizes plus $150 Paypal Cash. #MerryBlogmas

Thank you to all of our sponsors! Over 800 in prizes plus $150 in Paypal Cash

4 $50 Gift Cards $200.00 JORD Watches
Gift Card $50.00 AMI ClubWear
Kids Lightup Animal $29.95 Kinderglo
My Blend Smoothie Maker $24.99 Oster
Play Makeup Set $13.99 Little Cosmetics
Spicy Box of Awesome $54.00 Fuego Box
Set of paint sticks $6.00 Kwiksitcks
Smile Brilliant Kit $159 Smile Brilliant
This May Be Wine cup + Starbucks gift card $30 Fab Flares
Gift Card $50 Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt
1 Game Set Games
Essential Oil Recipe Box $49 Simply Earth
Natural Organic Lipstick $28.00 Axiology Beauty
Kuisiware OneSpin Salad Spinner
Zeust Barbecue Grill Light
Bracelet and earrings set $25 Revel Designs by Shelly
Childrens Book signed by author $15 Danielle Soucy Mills
Gift Card $50 Baby Cubby
White Wipes Teeth Wipes (for wine and coffee lovers) $30 White Wipes
2 Personalized Phone Cases $80 CaseApp
1 Framed Print + $15 Starbucks Gift Card $30 That’s What She Said Quote Shop
Gift card $50 Little Italy Layette


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10 Gifts for Coffee Lovers 

10 Gifts for Coffee Lovers {Gift Guide} | Mrs. AOK, A Work In Progress

10 Gifts for Coffee Lovers| Mrs. AOK, A Work In Progress
Things I Love

10 Gifts for Coffee Lovers {Gift Guide}

This is the final gift guide, the gift guide for COFFEE LOVERS! 🙂 Did you miss my 2 previous gift guides, 10 Gifts for Bloggers (under $100) and 10 Gifts for Creatives? If you haven’t figured it out yet, I made a huge wish list, but I totally had YOU in mind. 🙂 10 Gifts for Creatives, was received quite well! I knew the gift guide for bloggers would do okay, but I was happy that I could share new creative products that many didn’t know about and would love to have in their lives via the gift guide for creatives. {Guess what, I want them too!!}

10 Gifts for Coffee Lovers| Mrs. AOK, A Work In Progress

I’m a tea drinker too, but coffee trumps tea for me. I’m going to put a disclaimer out there: I love Starbucks, I know, that’s so basic. BUT WAIT.. I’ve tried other coffee places and if you can’t make a proper Americano, then BOO on you. There was this place (of  all places) in SOUTH CAROLINA that handcrafted WONDERFUL coffee! Collective Coffee. Sometimes I find myself craving their Almond Latte.

Collective Coffee| Mount Pleasant, South Carolina

Collective Coffee has a hipster vibe, a Pinterest-perfect vibe, a get your phone out it’s Instagram-time vibe, and a total chill vibe. The people who worked there, when I went, were the friendliest people.

Coffee for two

I realize this isn’t coffee, but their food is just as tasty and beautiful! CC + SBUX may have been the inspiration for this creative writing assignment for NaBloPoMo.Breakfast Date1

When I moved to the Seattle-ish area I just figured I would have the most amazing coffee.Public Market Center| Seattle| ThankYou Notes

The coffee is good, but I still frequent Starbucks. I do love that there are plenty coffee huts, but the only one that I really enjoyed thus far is Mercury Coffee.



Back to my disclaimer…. sorry. I am also a shareholder. Yes, I seriously have stock in Starbucks. I was already giving them money might as well make a little money while spending it. Speaking of getting paid, I’m also a Starbucks affiliate, which means some of the products I share today will make me a little money if you decide to purchase using my links. 🙂 There’s no extra cost to you.

DatingAgainStarbucks|The family that Starbucks togetherStarbucksOnTheBeachCurrently Drinking Starbucks Mrs. AOK, A Work In ProgressCrazy Starbucks addicted parents|Mrs. AOK, A Work In Progress.comSushi and Starbucks

Paying it forward to the baristas. 🙂
Pay It ForwardYes… there's a Starbucks at WDW! #Disney #StarbucksRed Cup Gangsta| Cheers to the weekend |Mrs. AOK, A Work In ProgressProcessed with VSCOcam with x1 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with x1 preset

I think you get the point. 🙂 We’re suckers for Starbucks. I do have to admit, I LOVE Dunkin’, too.

Anyway without further adieu 10 Gifts for Coffee Lovers:

10 Gifts for Coffee Lovers {Gift Guide} | Mrs. AOK, A Work In Progress

1. If you’re serious about your coffee chances are you already have a french press, right? I do, I like it very much, but the coffee doesn’t stay warm. What I like about this french press from FP Coffee Makers is that it’s insulated, which is wonderful when you want more than one cup. (p.s Tea lovers this works with tea too.)

French Press| Gift Guide for Coffee Lovers

2. Mocha scented candles in recycled Starbucks iced coffee bottles| Because coffee lovers love the smell of coffee any time of day.

Mocha scented candles in recycled Starbucks iced coffee bottles | Coffee Lovers Gift Guide

3. Nielsen-Massey Vanilla Sugar| When I go into Starbucks and make my own Americano I always enjoy adding the vanilla sugar plus a sprinkle of cinnamon. Vanilla sugar at home, yes!

Nielsen-Massey Vanilla Sugar| Coffee Lover Gift Guide

4. Have you been to where it all started, the birthplace of Starbucks? I walked by it once. Of course I wanted to go inside, but so did everyone else! People come from all over to take a picture in front of Pike Place Market Starbucks. If you get a chance to visit or you’re just a huge SBUX fan, this may make the best everyday take along tumbler.

5. If you use a reusable tumbler for your coffee Amaia Papaya Shop has the cutest handmade sleeves to protect your hands.

Amaia Papaya Shop coffee sleeve| Gift Guide for Coffee Lovers| Mrs. AOK, A Work In Progress

6. Sometimes you just can’t get enough coffee, so you scrub your body down with Coffee Butter Sugar from Sweet Sally’s Soap.

Sweet Sally's Soap| Coffee sugar butter| Coffee Lover Gift guide

7. I have been coveting this shirt from Gravel Road Tees for too long- it will be mine. (I follow Gravel Road Tees on Instagram, they never disappoint.)

Gravel Road Tee|Caffeine, Gangsta Rap, Get Stuff Done

8. Hand painted mug by Vitraaze| Just when you thought coffee couldn’t get any more inviting. 🙂Hand painted mug by Vitraaze| Gift guide for coffee lovers

9. Since I’m a nomad I figure I could possibly fill a tree with these cute ornaments from the Starbuck’s Local Dot Collection, how about you?

10.Since we’re wishing wouldn’t you love a freshly siphoned cup of coffee from this KitchenAid Siphon Coffee Brewer? I’m sure clean up wouldn’t be fun, but that coffee would taste amazing!!KitchenAid KCM0812OB Siphon Coffee Brewer

So, coffee lover, what’s on your list?




*This post contains affiliate links.


Here’s one more 😉 because my baby girl loves Tea Collection, so I thought I would share.
Starting TODAY 12/17, Tea Collection is offering free expedited shipping to make sure gifts arrive by Christmas Eve. With code NICKOFTIME shoppers will receive free expedited shipping on orders of $75+.
Starbucks Store Online

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10 Gifts for Creatives {Gift Guide}

*PSST… This post contains affiliate links. If you purchase one of these awesome items you help this blog pay the light bill… okay, the Bluehost bill or you put money towards my coffee. Speaking of coffee next up is my gift guide for Coffee Lovers, because um hello COFFEE LOVER. 🙂

Last week I shared 10 Gifts Under $100 for Bloggers {gift guide}, did you check it out? I’m pretty much putting together one big o’ wish list and hoping Santa will hook a sister up! We shall see…

10 Gifts for CreativesAnyway enough about me, let’s talk creatives! Chances are if you’re here you’re a creative, considering most visitors to this blog are content creators, so yes, you are! But what is a creative? A creative is someone who creates, you don’t have to be Bob Ross to consider yourself a creative, you just need to create, and I sincerely believe we all have the power of creativity in our bones. Like Maya Angelou (a creative) said: 

So, this list is for you, you creative soul! Get making.


Gift guide for creatives

1) Polaroid ZIP Mobile Printer | Have you ever taken a picture and wanted it right away? I’m an iPhoneographer, I’m constantly taking pictures with my phone, but printing them, that’s another story. You can print your pictures from your phone in 1 minute and 30 seconds! This would be perfect for scrapbooks, journals, or really good pictures with friends. 🙂

Polaroid Zip Printer

2) Keri Smith Deluxe Boxed Set| These books will send you on a creative adventure. You will most certainly step out of your comfort zone and learn to explore new areas of creativity within you.

Keri Smith Deluxe Boxed Set Wreck This Journal (the expanded edition), This Is Not a Book, Mess, and The Pocket Scavenger

3) Paint Water,  Not Paint Water Mugs via The Coffee Corner| If you have a painter in your life- and again, they don’t have to be Bob Ross- you know there’s always a water cup nearby. I cannot tell you how many times I almost took a sip of the paint water. #TrueStory 😀

Paint Water, Not Paint Water Mugs

4) Tombow Dual  Brush Pen Art Markers| These markers are perfect for that special doodler in your life. Not only are Tombow doodle friendly they are hand lettering friendly too.

Tombow Dual Brush Pen Art Markers

5) Creative Lettering and Beyond  Penmanship is NOT dead!!! Hand lettering and thank you notes are baaack! Learn to hand letter like a pro, and then send all the happy mail.

Creative Lettering and Beyond

6) Amazon Gift Card| You cannot go wrong with a gift card to Amazon. Amazon has a wiiiiiide selection of creative supplies that any creative soul can dig. You dig me?

Amazon Gift Card

7) Color Me Inspired by Dawn Nicole| Is there an adult coloring book fandom? If so I think I should be the president because I swear adult coloring books are magical! I have some plans… stay tuned. 😉 I have been following Dawn Nicole on Instagram for a few months, and I don’t want to sound like a stalker buuuut I seriously look forward to her posts! She beams with creativity.

Color Me Inspired

8) Polaroid Photo Studio Light Tent Kit|Creatives like to take pictures. Creatives like to take pictures of their work. Creatives like natural light, but sometimes they move to oh say… the Seattle area and need things like a light tent kit to help them take awesome pictures for their blog, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. 😉

Polaroid Photo Studio Light Tent Kit, Includes 1 Tent, 2 Lights, 1 Tripod Stand, 1 Carrying Case, 4 Backdrops (Black, Blue, White, Red)

9) The Busy Mom’s Guide to Creativity by Bev Feldman| It’s no secret here, I love Bev! Bev is my homegirl. That would make a really cool shirt. People would stop and ask who’s Bev, and I would respond, she’s an awesome creative mother who is inspiring other mothers to keep their creativity alive! Bev is like a modern day Pablo Picasso, not that she is a painter, sculptor, printmaker, ceramicist or stage designer, but she is a writer, jewelry maker and crafty pants mama. Pablo Picasso said

Bev is trying to make sure we design a life with creativity in mind, she wants us to remain artists. We may not be children anymore but that does not mean we cannot still create with the same glee as we did back then. This workbook is a MUST for all mamas!!


10) Makers Gonna Make Tee Do I really need to say anything? This shirt is awesome! Yes, please!

Makers Gonna Make Tee

Blog Love, holiday

10 Gifts for Bloggers {Gift Guide}

 *This post contains affiliate links, these links do not cost you anything- well, unless you decide to buy something- there is NOT an added charge. When you use the links you help me keep this blog running annnnnd you may even buy me a coffee. Ummm… this girl LOVES coffee and blogging, so yeah, if you like something CLICK THE LINK. 🙂  Pssst… everything here is UNDER $100

Blogger Gift Guide

10 Gifts for BloggersThis year I decided to try my hand at gift-guiding (it’s a thing). I don’t know if you know this but I use to help create the pages for Tots To Teens Magazine’s gift guides, I loved it! We started our Holiday Magazine waaaaayyy in advance, there were times in October I was pulling out decorations to use as props for the December issue. I enjoyed working with the various companies and the excitement of opening packages to see what may make our list. Naturally, when deciding to create a few gift guides for my blog I got all nostalgic and missed my magazine days. I’ve created three fun themed gift guides, guides I think you can relate to: Gifts for Bloggers, Gifts for Creatives, and Gifts for Coffee Lovers. I basically put together a grownup wish list. (eh hem…)



Gift Guide for Bloggers

10 Gifts for Bloggers {Gift Guide}

1) #GirlBoss  by Sophia Amoruso| I’ve already read #GirlBoss, wrote about it, and would still like my own copy. After reading Sophia’s story and her philosophy on #GirlBoss-ing I think you’ll feel highly motivated to get  your hustle on! 🙂

2) Speaking of Hustlin’ this Everyday I’m Hustling mug by Fifth and Ivy is the perfect desk companion. If you’re anything like me you have a mug full of coffee or tea next to you while you’re writing.

Everyday I'm Hustling Mug| Blogger Gift Guide

3) FONTS WONDERFUL FONTS!! I’m a font fanatic, I’m actually borderline hoarder-ish when it comes to font collecting.  You can collect fonts too! These watercolor fonts by Angie Makes would make the perfect addition to any blog or newsletter.

Gift Guide For Bloggers| Watercolor Fonts via Angie Makes

4) Here’s a truth bomb, I only take photos for my blog using my iPhone! I’m not the only iPhoneographer, you know who you are. Here’s a little something to help with taking even better pictures using your iPhone.| Universal 3-in-1 Camera Lens Kit for iPhone 6 Plus, iPad, and other Mobile Devices.

5) Are you already deciding to resolve to be organized for 2016? I am. Which Erin Condren Life Planner will you choose to help you do just that?

Erin Condren Planner| Gift Guide for Bloggers

6) I’ve heard wonderful things about Steal Like an Artist: 10 Things Nobody Told You About Being Creative, it’s on my reading list and eh hem wish list.

 You don’t need to be a genius, you just need to be yourself. That’s the message from Austin Kleon, a young writer and artist who knows that creativity is everywhere, creativity is for everyone. A manifesto for the digital age, Steal Like an Artist is a guide whose positive message, graphic look and illustrations, exercises, and examples will put readers directly in touch with their artistic side. – On Amazon

7) Embrace Your Narrative! (insert hands in the air emoji) As bloggers, writers, doers, thinkers, creators, or whatever you want to call yourself, you should embrace your narrative. This bracelet by Emery Drive is the perfect reminder.

Gift Guide for Bloggers| Embrace Your Narrative Bracelet by Emery Drive

8) Have you ever wondered where everyone was getting all those pretty images, the ones that show up in your inbox, Instagram feeds, and on your computer screen? Many bloggers are investing in styled stock photos, JCM Photo has beautiful styled stock photos at reasonable prices. Now your newsletter, Instagram, and blog/shop images can look just as fancy. 😉

Gift Guide for Bloggers| Styled Stock by JCM Photo

9) If you’re a blogger or you’re friends with a blogger you know we are infatuated with notebooks. We need paper and pen to write the words and ideas in our heads available at all times.|Blog Ideas notebook

Gift Guide for Bloggers| Blog Ideas Notebook

10) New year, new look! If you’re thinking about giving your blog a makeover or gifting a blog makeover this Decadence template is sweet perfection.

Gift Guide for Bloggers| Decadence Premade Blog Template by Sweet Face Studio


You cannot go wrong with a Starbucks gift card, EVER.

Starbucks Gift Card| Gift Guide for Bloggers

p.s Don’t forget the pens! We need pens to write in our planners and 50 million notebooks! 😀

What’s on your blog wish list?